Monday, February 28, 2005

Samaritan woman

When I was about 8 or 9 years of age, I was able to join the "Santacruzan". This Santacruzan is an annual event usually at the end of May where processions takes place in each barrio or town. Children of all ages wears a costume that would represent a bible character at the end of the procession is Reyna Elena with constantino. In recent years, the costumes evolved into contemporary gowns for the youth which eventually lost the whole essense of the event. But yesterday, I am happy to recall that at the time I was part of that procession in Alaminos, I played the part of the Samaritan woman.

I have a photo somewhere of that particular day in May. I remember I was wearing a simple blue long organza dress with a viel held by a hair pin on the side of my head to keep it in place. Still vivid in my memory is the clay jar that my Tita Ching asked me to carry along while we walked the street that late afternoon.

Yesterday, the Gospel was about that Samaritan woman at Jacob's well meeting Jesus. While Amats and I with Melo and Jas was talking about the Sunday's reading. I specifically recalled that scene when I was 8 years old.

Now, I did not realize that this particular story in the Bible will be a well spring of insights enough to meditate upon the whole of the lenten season. As the woman thirst for the eternal water, we are also reminded that Jesus also thirst, that He also longs to be loved by us. While the water we have in our jars eventually dries up, the water that Jesus offers is eternal.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Melo's Son of Man

Yesterday morning before going to He Cares, together with our few good friends we went to the Loyola School of Theology to give our support and watch the defense of Melo on his MA theology thesis: Son of Man theory as it refers to Jesus and his community. I will not attempt to write and use the terms he used in his thesis which is 2 inches thick, a chapter short of a full doctoral dissertation. Scholarly and exhaustive in his research, it was a culmination of two years pondering on the concept of the "Son of Man".

As a witness to this defense, I am amazed by the way the discussion of the topic unfolds, as if transporting my thoughts to the time of the Old Testament and then to the present time and then back again to the time of Jesus. Before I came to this discussion, my own limited understanding is that the "Son of Man" would just always refer to Jesus alone. The amazing new understanding I learned is that it could not just refer to the individual but also the community of Jesus. Further explored, it could be interpreted on a personal level.

Another take home thought I am happy to chew on, is that the people in the community is not the elite group of the saved but part of the saving community.

If you want to know more, maybe you can invite Melo over for coffee sometime.

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Last night we were watching "Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind" about the love between Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) and the whole story revolves around about memories and how sometimes we just want to erase our memories that will remind us about a person or an event that would be just too painful to bear. There was this scene about her name not just once but twice. I remember Joel saying that "Clementine" thats a nice name Clementine it means Clemency, Merciful. Now as I understand why he doesn't know the song when she asked. Well you have to see the movie for yourself to know.

Last night I was also thinking about conspiracy theories and how the universe conspires to unfold as things are now unfolding before us.

I was a bit surprised that this morning's reading contain this verse "who is there like you, the God who removes guilt and pardons sin for the remnant of his inheritance; who does not persist in anger forever, but delights rather in clemency"--Micah 7:18.

The prodigal son is the Gospel today. A story about a Father and his two sons. It is really not mainly about the return of the younger son but it is more about the mercifulness of the Father.

Friday, February 25, 2005


I have always wanted to watch the play: Joseph the Dreamer. In UPLB, there were several runs of the play and Gary V. himself played the role of Joseph. Although I was able to watch the animated version of this story, I still prefer the theater. Well hopefully next time soon I will get a chance.

Today, the reading is about Joseph and his brothers. Joseph forgave his brothers despite everything they did to him. The simplicity of this man and the way he followed God remains an inspiration. He was also mindful of the messages being sent to him through his dreams which eventually helped the people survive the famine.

Last night, I was able to view 3 of the 8 of Akira Kurasawa's Dreams. The simplicity of the stories is the central beauty of the film. The 3 stories I viewed are deeply rooted to respect our environment.

It is amazing that today, I am reflecting on two very different characters and the dreams they had and what is common about the two is that the central theme of their dreams revolves around what is happening around us and being mindful of our environment.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

5 people

Just finished the book of Mitch Albom's "five people you meet in heaven". It is a bit weird reading an American trying to write in your own language. Understanding both and knowing the correct translation of the Filipino words used, well I guess this affected my rating for the book. "This is fiction I am reading, clearly fiction."--this thought stuck to me after reading. I still like "Embraced by the Light" better.

little outstreched arms

Last Saturday was one of the best celebrations I had and I am humbled by the "gifts" I have received. We arrived at He Cares just before the mass of Fr. Steve. Kuya Joe Dean was preparing the children for mass. The garahe was full of buzzing little street kids most of them I do not know but am growing in familiarity with each passing Saturday. I saw it coming when Kuya Joe Dean motioned for me to come up front "Oh no I thought, in the back of my mind I really do not want to announce my growing of age" but as it happened Kuya already announced it to all that I am celebrating my birthday there. As I stood there Kuya asked everyone to stretch out their arms and together they prayed for me. I closed my eyes, thoughts of unworthiness attacked me and I am humbled once again. My heart went out to all those kids who prayed with Kuya asking God to bless my life. The image of those house full of kids with their little outstreched arms in prayer is the best gift I have ever received. Never have I been a recipient of such. I thank God for these children.

Gracia gave me a hug, a kiss then Reina and the others. I sat with Rica and Jasmine, they asked, "Ate how old are you" I answered 34. And their eyes I saw a bit of unbelief and then I asked, how old are you Rica said 8 and Jasmine also 8. I just smile as they continued to look at me, maybe trying to comprehend my age.

As if this show of affection is not enough, after the feeding and the volunteers are eating, I was pleasantly surprised by the brothers and sisters of Lingkod QC as a way of life, we had short sharing and led by a brother from the servant of the word they also prayed over me. I cannot even begin to decribe the generosity I experienced that day.

rain or shine

"for He makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust." Matthew 5: 45b

It is just amazing that we have a God that makes the sun shine for everyone. As a human being we tend to be selective, more often than not we only love those who love us but as it is written, what is good about that? The challenge is we are called to let our love shine to everyone too.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


"Ask and you shall receive; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to bad as you are, you know how to give good things to your children. How much more then, will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!" --Matthew 7:7,11

Like the true Father that He is, God reminded me this week twice about this passage and I need to put it up here to remind me that God is telling me something. The past week was my birthday week and in my heart, I guess I really have not asked for anything in His name. I thank God for reminding me to "ask". Our Father know all our needs and even if He knows all this, He wants us to personally ask. He knows what is best for us but He wants to be intimate with us to share in our joy and aspirations through our prayers.

I grew up within a family with very limited resources and sometimes it is awkward to ask for something that I know my family cannot afford. I would always ask for simple things that I know we have the capacity to have.

Its amazing when you think that He has only to will it. I always have to remind myself that God is not a vending machine. I also need to be wary about asking for something as the cliche goes "be carefull with what you pray for".

But when one has decided to give full discretionary authority to Him, the process of asking should be "what would you like me to have Father?" I am still in the process of learning.

The past few days I am a recipient and witness once again to His generosity in the lives of brothers and sisters.

Friday, February 18, 2005

He is with us

"So do not fear, for I am with you"-- Isaiah 41:10

Much of my own anxiety always comes from the thought that, there will be something right under my nose, which I am unable to forsee and it will just explode before my eyes. On the other hand, it's a bit weird that I do not actually fear that there will be a bomb somewhere in the bus that we were riding just the other night. In my mind, I believe and know that nothing will ever happen if we let our fear get control over us. So going back, I guess the anxiety that I am afraid is more of the emotional in nature. Stress in the "what ifs". Bracing myself for any shocking information that will be revealed in a moment that I am most unprepared. But this morning, I am once again reassured by God that all shall be well, that I should not fear these "legions" for He is with me.

Amats, the other night reminded me, your God is bigger than this ghost. I guess sometimes, it is just my own imagination of whatever "ghost" there is that I am afraid of. As ghost takes many forms in our lives, anxiety, depression, and security among others, it is present in our path, troubles on our sides, or hauntings in our back. But today, I am reminded that the top side of us is always open, that I can always, always talk and seek solace from my God. He is always there as our top side is always open. Whatever it is that surronds us, fear not for our God is a great God. He is always with us.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Salamat sa Pagmamahal

Today, I am once again drinking from my saucer and from the cup of overflowing love from a loving family, community, sisters and brothers and friends from all over.

Dear Sisters and Brothers thank you so much for remembering that it was my special day:

Ella, I am very much honored by your words of affirmation. Sis, I cannot put into words how much your sharings and talks and your blog entries continue to inspire me everyday.

Riags, thank you for spending time with me. Thank you for waiting outside our house just to spend time. I love your questions and stories. Love, relationships and all.

Jas, thank you for spending time with me also. Thank you for being my personal doctor. Laughing together eases all my burdens and one of the best medicine is laughing with you. Jog pa rin tayo.

Ted, I am always moved by the way you give perspective to the things happening around us. (very perceptive of you about Amats weight :).

AG, on your way to Babuyan Island, you waited for until midnight to greet me. Hope to visit you with the humpbacks soon.

Maye, thank you sis for texting early morning and remembering! lets spend time soon.

Pie, salamat for tagging Amats in your blog for HBD greeting! miss you.

Dada, who is Yale, viajes con todo mi Amiga, thank you for remembering and the overseas call!

Joni from Taipei thanks for the overseas greetings sis!

Abigerl and Buhay in New Jersey! love you both.

Ate Ardis of He Cares for praying over me! the best gift!

Honey for the intimate chatter! and surprise! thank you for the honoring sis! you are a concrete example of God's goodness to me.

Well all those who remembered, Jinky, Erwin, Nine, Kaila and Susan in Palawan, Mike, every one at He Cares for the impromtu song!

Oh well, this entry space is not enough, I hope I did not forget anyone.

Amats I thank God for you always! love you!

Everyone thank you for remembering my birthday.

Peace and blessings to all! I love you all!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sign of Jonah

" seeks a sign, but no sign will be given it, except the sign of Jonah. Just as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so will the Son of Man to this generation." --Luke 11: 29b-30

Today for me is another year, a marked milestone in a life that has been barely reflected upon. Maybe a chance again to re-examine a life. This new dawn of a renewed hope.

On this day I am called to search within

Jas and Valentine

My husband Amats and I, spent our valentine's day at home. We were just spending time together and we cooked dinner. We heard mass at 6PM at Claret, saw our couple friends Joks and Lou. Joks by the way is on the family way.

At home, we were just laughing around, then Amats said look at the online news: "MMDA advise couples to stay at home". LOL! how can they control the public when all the hotels and resto are fully booked?! Anyway since we do not have money, we stayed at home,but we were happy. We had great dinner and had a laid back evening away from the on going fair nearby, traffic jams and people fighting over tables.

Then just after dinner, I just sensed I need to send a message to some friends. If you know how I communicate, you would say it is out of the ordinary that I sent a text, since usually it takes about 24 hours before I reply or come to think of it even initiate text talk.

But that night the 14th, I texted my friend, Jas "San ka? Ingat" (Where are you, take care) and since there was no immediate response, I didn't give it much thought, until last night when I got to talk to her.

She said she was wondering why I texted out of no where. When she received it at about 7:30 PM Feb14, she thought Huh? Why? Then it happened. After a while, there were people calling her companion, the parents saying said "Go home, there are Bombings!

Since I do not own a TV, I did not know that there was a bombing incident that time,until the next morning and that Jas was there in Makati. Good thing she is safe--she even took a picture of the Ayala MRT station.

And now why did I sent that message? It was a sense that I did not give much thought. Until now, I guess as we continue to calm ourselves and just listen more intently to our higher senses, we should not disregard these, as they may indeed be true.

(Sigh) I think God still continues to protect us from these threats.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Ditsi and Nana

I visited my sister yesterday and our family's newest member Jane. While we were happily spending time with family, from my Tito Philip's Sunday paper, we came accross familiar faces. Wow! these are our friends, Amats and I, told my family about Ditsi and Nana. They are very fine documentary film makers and there was a long article on Starweek Feb. 13 issue entitled "Sweet Subversions" and it talked about "Bunso" (the youngest). They also made the controversial "Minsan lang sila bata" and "Riles"(Life on the Tracks).

I eagerly read through the journalist review on the film--Bunso. And indeed I echo what he said "Nothing prepared us for Ditsi Carolino's latest documentary."

Last year on Human Rights Day December 10th the Philippine premier of "Bunso" was shown at the film center. Since there was the palpable NGO ambience and UP people I felt at home. But it was by chance a woman I don't even know, gave me free tickets to the premier last year.

Raw is what I would describe the film. Even though I am involved with He Cares street children caring center, to see these juveniles in jail for a minor first offense gave me a glimpse at the glaring reality of how it is to live in conditions way below liveable conditions. Nothing indeed would prepare one's conciousness to the truth that the film speaks of. Love and humor though scarce can also be found within the stories as the children themselves give us the full account of what they have been through, and still maybe going through.

If you are interested to see the film, there will be a screening on February 26 at the SM megamall at 6:30 PM during the Pelikula at Lipunan festival and on March 14 at Shangrila Mall.

By the way, I introduced Ditsi to Kuya Joe Dean of He Cares Foundation at A.G. Sano's "Sigaw ng Liwanag"(Lightning) photoexhibit last month.

Friday, February 11, 2005

A word from Helen

"No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit."--Helen Keller

I am always humbled when I come accross passages in books that refer to Helen Keller. At times when I am lethargic, down with the blues or when things are not going as planned. It is indeed no comparison to what others have to go through. With all my senses intact and functioning as it should, there is no excuse not to do the things I should be doing.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dragon Dance

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and for a few years some of my friends go to Ongpin (China Town in Manila) to see the colorfull Dragon Dance. Well because its a bit far and not feeling well, I decided not to go to Ongpin.

I really want to just see the dragon dance, just too see them up and down and swaying. I love the drums very Asian. Did I already mention that I love being Asian?!

Well yesterday, while I was walking in the mall at around 5PM, there they are with thundering drums and swaying dragons. Yey! and while I was waiting for my husband at a coffee shop in SM Makati, just in front of me they danced again to get that red envelop inside the cafe.

God is so good even my small insignificant wish of mine to see the dragon dance was granted.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ash Wed

Today, I am reminded that we are made from dust and we shall return to dust again.
Ash Wednesday. In my reflection, it is what we are called to do during the years in-between that makes the difference.

We are reminded of our humanity. God understands how hard it is to be human. As the season of Lent is upon us once again, we are reminded of His great love for us.

How can I respond to that great love?

Last Weekend

First weekend of Feb at He Cares, we missed Honey. I was happy that Amats and I had a chat with Ate Ardis, who gave us He Cares made scrap book/photo album as gifts. She also offered to give us a lift to the Feast the next day.

During the feeding, I was talking to little ladies Gracia and Mary. There were some students from UP that afternoon that facilitated a program after lunch but Gracia and Mary's names weren't called. I told them during lunch, don't worry just come in again. But unfortunately, one of the marshall boys did not let them in. I wasn't able to do anything because it was a new group and do not know them. When it was time to go, I saw Gracia still outside, waiting. I explained that I do not know the organizers of the program. I sensed that she was very disappointed. I tried to appease her but she was about to cry. Amats and I need to be on our way, as I walk away, I felt really sad. I realize that I should not have made a promise that I can not deliver. Little children always remembers. I hope I can make it up to her in the weeks to come.

Later we went to Discovery Weekend to volunteer as a couple. Maribel Dionisio was there and Mark and Dr Lou Querubin a couple who also served during our own discernment weekend (May 2003). It was a blessing that we were able to have a short talk with Maribel who gave us some marriage counseling tips and reading materials. A friend of ours was there John Granda and Shary who were participants of the retreat. We also met a couple who were volunteers that same afternoon Alex and Kristine Perez, after a while they recognized us that we were at the QC hall for a family planning seminar last year. Small world. Amats and I together with Alex and Kristine facilitated the social hour and it was a blast. They have to act out these scenes, delivery room, Luneta on Valentine's Day and last, a garden wedding. It was really funny hour. It was really good to be with these group at DW. Hopefully in the months to come we can still keep touch with DW.

We are now in the process of discerning a community as a couple. We are praying for God's blessing and guidance.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Balance

Light shines through the darkness for the upright; he is gracious and merciful and just. Well for the man who is gracious and lends, who conducts his affairs with justice. He shall never be moved; the just man shall be in everlasting remembrance.--Psalm 112: 4-6.

I believe in a just God. There may be things in this fallen world of ours that seems to be not just. I believe there is a balance in everything in the larger equation of things. I am not a lawyer. But I know that the lady that is the symbol of justice holds a scale in her hand, while she is blindfolded in a way this keeps the balance.

How do I keep my own balance? more often than not, I rely on my own sight. I pray to God for the grace to rely only on His mercy, to see clearly and hopefully keep my balance.


Juan was invited to a gathering at Uncle Solomon. There were several gates to pass going to Uncle Solomon, when finally Juan was permitted to go inside even with his invitation on hand, the butler of the house said you must stay only in that part of the house, sit there you are not allowed to go to any other part of the house. Juan was a bit puzzled, since Uncle Solomon's place was called the house of the free. Time to go home and Juan was relieved to go back to his kubo.

Juan after a few months had a fiesta celebration. Juan invited some of Uncle Solomons helpers. They went around the kubo like it was the back of their hand. But Juan was happy to be able to invite them and see them happy.

Do you see anything wrong with this story?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Respect for Weakness

In my reflection yesterday, our French Priest said that he has more respect for the weakness in love rather than strength in power examples he gave is the Pope even in sickness he was able to continue to love and serve others. Another is Mother Theresa of Calcuta, being a small lady, weak at her old age, still she continued to work for the poor.

Weakness does not always equate to losing. It is the times that we are weak that we depend more on God. it is in our weakness that His power is made manifest.

Light of the World, Salt of the Earth

Yesterday, At the EDSA shrine, I was suprised by the French Priest and in the middle of his sermon in his French intonation of the English Gospel he said in complete and correct pronounciation "ang alat" (salty).

In my reflection, It made me realize that everything should always be in moderation. When we are called to be light of the world, I hope we dont blind people away and to be the flavor of the Earth, we should not over do things. Salt also plays a vital role of preserving things from being spoiled. As always, still a balance should be attained. "para hindi gaanong maalat" (so that it wont be too salty).

Friday, February 04, 2005

People Get Ready

On my player now is Eva Cassidy singing "People Get Ready".

Last night, depression tried to creep into my system. My husband was asked to tender his resignation, caught unawares I was gripped with worry and anxiety "Oh no! how do we pay the rent now?" But this morning acceptance of things we cannot change came upon me. As I read my blog I am reminded--all shall be well. Indeed.

Better things are ahead of us. Together.

Excellent Service

When you find joy in serving others, it brings good service. Those people who find joy in their service are happy in what they do and eventually it translates to excellent service. It like when you are cooking something and you are not in the mood to cook, more often than not the food that is cooked doesn't taste good. Well, I really don't know if this two propositions are directly related but I sense some connection.

Another particular line that got my attention before from a movie Maid in Manhattan "though we serve them, we are not their servants" he said this in the context of providing good service to their guest but do not let them treat you like a servant.

Today in my readings, chewing on thoughts about servanthood, Rick Warren mentioned something that caught me off guard. "If you remind yourself that you are God's servant, interuptions wont frustrate you...servants see interuptions as divine appointments for ministry and are happy for the oppotunity to practice serving."

Taking that point of view made me realize why my friends in community serve with joy in their hearts, no matter how small or unimportant at the time the task at hand we are called to do.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Psalm 23:2b

"He leads me beside the still waters."--Psalm 23:2b

Now I recognize a familiar pattern, that whenever I am in turmoil, in a variety of channels Psalm 23 manifest to reassure that all shall be well.

Inspired by Nokia (telepono ko)

In a book by John Maxwell that I am currenly reading, I was inspired by the story behind Nokia the title of the subtopic was From Trees to Telephones. Im interested in the environment and wildlife conservation and when I saw this chapter,I thought "wow! my cellphone's company started from trees now their into mobile telephones". My Nokia serves me well by letting me communicate in many ways than one like texting, mms, digital images. And when I read how this company started in 1860s and how thru the years they invested and ecouraged self-improvement, I was inspired.

The Nokia way 4 objectives: customer satisfaction, respect for the individual, achievement and continuous learning. I just want to say: "Thank you Nokia people!" (fyi-this is not an ad)

Now thats another topic that would need a long separate discourse: Respect.


In my reflection for today, once again I have been reminded: Freely we have been forgiven; let us freely forgive.--David McCasland

I recalled all the times when it was difficult for me to forgive. Today, I am reminded: "When it seems you can't forgive, remember how much you've been forgiven".

Awww straight through the heart. I felt God has been reprimanding me. I felt I owe it to Him to be a better person to be loving and forgiving not because it is required by the church but because I myself was forgiven.

In My Daily Bread today it reads: studies by a number of psychologist show that it is not great riches that make people happy, but friends and forgiveness. Commenting on these findings...Marilyn Elias says, "the happiest people surround themselves with family and friends, don't care about keeping up with the Joneses next door, lose themselves in daily activities, and most important, forgive easily.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Jan 14 in 365 Days

In the heading of Ria Apostol's entry:

The Lord who created you says, "Do not be afraid -- I will save you. I have called you by name-- you are mine. When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you; your troubles will not overwhelm you." --Isaiah 43: 1-2

In Between Jobs

" You have done many things for us, O LORD our God; there is no one like you! You have made many wonderful plans for us." Psalms 40:5

Have you ever prayed for work you really love? I prayed for something I love doing so that even if it does not bring in financial rewards, I'll find it fulfilling.

Because of my love for the great outdoors, I decided to drop my consultancy work and leave the rat race behind. I decided to do what I loved-- work outdoors. I was blessed to be accepted in an environmental NGO.

I learned how to be a diver. I experienced being assigned in remote areas, away from family and friends but I felt blessed and fulfilled. I was able to endure these things because of my love for this kind of work until I came to a crossroads. Due to personal differences, a temper and some concerns, I was led to leave the job I so loved. I had no alternative job at that time.

But looking back, I realized that during that time of turmoil in my life, I was blessed with the time to ponder on the things that really mattered. In those three months that I was in between jobs, I experienced God's provision. It was during this time (Dec 2001 to Feb 2002) that I returned to God and asked for His guidance. His answer came through an old friend in college who invited me to join a Catholic community of single working people. My faith was renewed. Things are not always what they seem. The beauty and wisdom of His plans are revealed in His time.

--Daisy F., Published in "365 Messages In My Inbox" A Working Person's Devotional, Word of Joy Books, Copyright 2004. Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon.

Raised from the dead

No I am not a zombie. Well you can say I have been restored in more ways than one. Today, I realized I've been through many lesser deaths in my life. There are many things before that I'd rather forget and keep under the cover and start anew. But in my attempt to discern what it is I am made to do, I have to bring to light the past. In my younger years, my temperament and disagreeable attitude towards misunderstanding and confrontation had made me pay a high price. In my past life, when my buttons are pushed, I push back really hard in more ways than one. I consider it lesser death, because as I move on, I leave familiar faces behind never to see them again, leave the routine, never pass that road to work. A lesser death of sorts because I want to bury it in the past and just move on. But today I was made to realize that these experiences of hurt, confrontation, misunderstanding, and sense of loss has made me the person I am today. These same things that I tried to forget are my hidden sources of strength and inspiration to be a better person. This new life I have now is a result of those lesser deaths but within this perspective, it feels like I've been raised from the dead.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


As I was going through my normal working day, a sense I got from a few weeks before came back. EBTG. Everything-Belongs-To-God. Actually, the understanding of this phrase became clearer when I listened to a talk given by Vannie Siloterio on Financial Stewardship. I really appreciated her comic way of presenting things in perspective. When we are blessed not just financially, we are called to share these blessings to help others. If there are something lost, like when Nenen Dela Pena lost her cell phone, I realized that it was easier for her to let go when she mentioned "papalitan yan ni God" (God will replace it). As Ria Agcaoili said it is easier to let go of things when we realize that it is not ours in the first place.

There are many things we hold as if it is just completely "ours". There are places, things, home, project,kitchen utensils, laundry area that we claim as our "turf". But come to think of it again these are not really ours. These are things that He lent to us to use for His purpose. And that in all things God may be glorified. Indeed, EBTG.