Thursday, May 31, 2007


I am currently preparing for Isay's 1st birthday party. I surfed the net for ideas, then I went to several possible places for venue. For the past weeks I always refer to Pinoy Exchange a web site where I got feedback from parents who also have the same concerns. I found this site very real as the moms/parents share their experience from preparation to giveaways etc. Because I want my daugther's birthday to be different, I continue to refer to the links they send for many great ideas. Then today, I stumbled upon a truly great idea. I was moved to write this entry because a parent chose to have their party at white cross. I surfed for a while and stumbled upon C.R.I.B.S. Create responsive infants by sharing.
Click on this link: CRIBS Philippines, Inc.

I looked at their wish list and I was moved, the things they need are very ordinary and affordable but yet critical and vital for their survival.
    • Similac Advance
    • Isomil 2 or Nan HA 2
    • Enfagrow Lacto Free
    • Nestogen 1 and 2
    • AL 110
    • Nido Full Cream Milk or Anchor Full Cream Milk
  • Milo or Ovaltine
  • Powdered/Tetra Packed Juices
  • Biscuits/Cookies
  • Oatmeal
  • Breakfast Cereal
  • Jellyace
  • Rice
  • Alcohol (70% Ethyl)
  • Cloth diapers
  • Disposable diapers (all sizes)
  • GERBER Safety Pins
  • GERBER Rubber Nipples
  • Feeding Bottles (small and big)
  • Wet Wipes
  • Babies and Kids Clothes and Underwears
  • Multivitamins drops and syrup
  • Baby Blankets

For those interested in helping them out you can contact them here.
C.R.I.B.S. Philippines, Inc.
30 Major S. Dizon St.
Industrial Valley Complex
Marikina City, 1802 Philippines
Phone Numbers:
(63 2)681-5921; 647-1329
Telefax: (63 2)647-1329

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

grateful journal

While I was combing my hair, just letting it air dry and sometimes I let the fan help hasten the drying process. Many insights came to mind that I knew should be written as soon as in this blog otherwise it will be fermenting in the back of my mind, change in form as the days pass or I just simply forget. I realized that I should be thankful for my straight black hair. As I comb, I realized that some people do spend a fortune to have their hair polished and maintained. On my part, I rarely blow dry my hair, just wearing a clip most of the time, and sometimes I even sleep even if my hair is still wet. I was supposed to have it cut really short again the past week but today, since the weather is cooler, I was able to re-think my plan. I guess that small change in perspective of being grateful for my hair, made me realize that indeed there are many everyday things I should be grateful for. However mundane, what you think and what you say have immense power. The effect of a simple thought seemed to magnify into positive proportions.

This reminded me that about two weeks ago I want to share this:

..."If you look back on my journal when I was 15, 16 it's all filled with boy trouble, men trouble, my daddy won't let me go to Shoney's with Anthony Odie, things like that. As I have grown older, I have learned to appreciate living in the moment and I ask that you do, too. I am asking this graduating class, those of you here, I've asked all of my viewers in America and across the world to do this one thing. Keep a grateful journal. Every night list five things that happened this day, in days to come that you are grateful for. What it will begin to do is to change your perspective of your day and of your life. I believe that if you can learn to focus on what you have, you will always see that the universe is abundant and you will have more. If you concentrate and focus in your life on what you don't have, you will never have enough. Be grateful. Keep a journal. You are all over my journal tonight."
--TV host Oprah Winfrey, Wellesley College, May 30, 1997

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pinay Mother first Asean to traverse Mt. Everest!

Mabuhay ang Pinay! Congratulations to Janet Belarmino, Noelle Wenceslao, Carina Dayondon for being the first Asean women to ever traverse Mt. Everest from Tibet to Nepal. See their story posted on

Sobra talaga ako natuwa at napuno ng pag-asa na maka akyat pa uli sa mga pangarap ko na mga bundok ( I was filled with hope that I might be able to climb my dream mountains). I was so inspired by these women specially Janet Belarmino who is also a mother.

This news I got from Kaya ng Pinay. The complete story from

The first Filipino women to reach the summit of Mount Everest set another world record Friday by becoming the first women to traverse the two main routes to the world's highest mountain.

Noelle Wenceslao, Carina Dayondon and Janet Belarmino reached Everest Base Camp (EBC) in Nepal before 6 p.m. Manila time where they were welcomed by the Philippine support group.

Belarmino sobbed as she recounted the ordeal of climbing the mountain months after she gave birth to her first baby.

"Napakahirap kaya masaya ako na makakabalik na kami…. medyo pagod lang kasi mahaba ang trek namin pero OK lang kami. [Wala kaming] sakit. Wala namang problema (It was very difficult that is why I'm glad that we can now come back… it was tiring because the trail was quite long but we’re OK. We are not sick. There have been no problems)," she told radio DZMM.

Belarmino said that her feat also showed that motherhood does not prevent anyone from pursuing her dreams.

"Iyon din mensahe ko sa mga ina na tulad ko. Ang mga pangarap namin ay hindi natutulog sa apat na sulok ng kwarto. Iyong mga panaginip natin bilang ina, kailangan natin ipakita sa buong mundo na kaya din natin (It's also my message to mothers like me. Our dreams are not confined in four corners of the room. Let’s show the whole world that we can also do it)," she added.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Garden Wedding

A warm Saturday afternoon, May 12th, amidst the serene Bonsai Garden in UP, our dear friend Carlo exchanged vows with Lea. It was our first time to attend a garden wedding. They held the solemn ceremony under that big ancient tree lined with ferns. It was a sweet and unique ceremony because the bridal march was sung by the groom and just at the handing of the bride they gave gifts to their parents and then they both sung another song. This is even before the pastor said a word. We were serenaded by Carlo and Lea themselves even before they exchanged vows, thanking everyone there for sharing this moment and for the love they overflowingly continues to receive.

Lovely is one of the many flower girls dressed up as butterflies. I was using a manual Nikon FM 10, without a flash that is why during dusk I wasn't able to get more pictures. I got used to a digital camera, I realized that indeed it takes a lot of skill, patience and good instincts to handle a manual camera. The second to the last picture is Carlo pretending to be having the jitters while Tatay and baby Isay acting with him (haha).

More pictures from the wedding including the couple after the ceremony at my friend's blog Postcards from Nowhere.

Friday, May 18, 2007

essencia de las flores

received one of the sweetest gifts. A bottle of honey. Tatay wrote in the orange ribbon essencia de las flores. I saw in the breakfast table my old dusty Spanish dictionary. He said he need to translate something.

When I first saw the gift, I really thought that it was a bottle of wine. I wasn't really excited because I really do not drink a lot of wine, well unless it was Asti. It was one big huge long neck bottle of honey. I guess we will be enjoying lots of pancakes, honey with tea, pandesal with honey and a lot more.

There is this way of testing of the honey is pure. A friend said that you need to dip a small toothpick into the honey then light a match stick and try to light the stick with honey if it catches a flame, then it is pure. If not, maybe there is some water added. I haven't tested this batch of honey yet. Maybe in a future post.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

of friends and birthdays

Several friends celebrated their birthday this month of May. I was able to attend a small gathering of friends mid-May. It seemed that time has picked up speed in the past few months and days as well. As one friend says, thank God for children, they remind us of the passing of the time, otherwise we will not notice that we have indeed grown old in many ways. I agree, I've always felt that I remained in my late twenties. Although my knees are a constant reminder that I am not anymore. I should be exercising more I know :)

It is always such a joy to spend time with good friends.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

One of the best cards I received this Mother's Day. Blessings and love to all Nanay today!!!

Celebrate life!

Just got back from an unique and intimate garden wedding at UP Bonsai Garden. I will be sharing more about this friend's wedding in a future post. I was indeed blessed to be able to witness their celebration of life.

The other day we went to Museo Pambata with Rolyn, Hannah, Girlie and Genuine and of course baby Isay. We had a great time. The girls love the bahay-kubo. It is always such a rewarding experience to look and observe through the eyes of a child. I will be posting more about it later.

A good friend also celebrated her birthday with a dinner for the girl friends at Market!Market! North Park (our favorite resto).

All these celebrations within the past week kept my senses reeling. And all that just when the A70 broke down haaay.

But thanks to camera phones and my uncle's FM10 I might be able to have pictures to share later. Now I just have to figure out how to download from my phone.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Lost and Found

During our recent trip to Baguio, we took the express Victory bus at 11:20PM. The bus doesn't have stop overs and have it's own cr. We took turns in carrying baby. There was a time I told Tatay if he can get the strap of my Kabayan travel pouch as it gets tangled with the baby carrier. A few hours later, we arrive in the small hours, I think it was just after 4am. In the rush of disembarking from the bus, I didn't notice anything amiss.

But the moi that is always on the look out for gears (even half asleep)
I noticed a man with a TNF sleeveless fleece. I also noted that there were climbers that look like they are preparing for Mt Pulag. Then with baby in hand, and many abubots and half asleep we were able to go pnky without much hassel. We were able to sleep well.

Later after breakfast I realized that my Kabayan pouch was missing. It has my 2600 mobile phone (not much, but my contacts in my SIM have no back up), my coin purse with all my cash money 200 peso bill and coins, then my Sagada wallet card carrier with my SSS, credit cards, atm cards and my open water PADI C-card. I was stressed out to say the least. I asked Tatay several times and commented that I thought he had it with him all this time. Well, we called the Victory Liner and left our details about the lost pouch.

I asked our logistics person Nine, if she can help us follow up the bus line. She made a comment "Ano ka ba naman Day! Lagi ka na lang nawawalan ng telepono tuwing biyahe natin" (I lost my other phone on our way to El Nido circa 2005 in the ferryboat while I was sleeping, I had it my hand then when I woke up it is gone).. and goes on to say "Sayang! sana sa akin mo na lang binigay." Then I told her, "Naku Nine, kapag bumalik yung cell phone ko, sa iyo na iyon".

Then a few hours later, Tatay came back to say that he was able to contact the Victory liner staff and they found the pouch. Thank God indeed! Thank you very much to the staff of Victory Liner Baguio, the express bus. I never did get to thank them personally for returning my things. I got back my phone, C-card, and I didn't have to block my cards and lo and behold, all the 200 pesos! I want to thank them here and be remembered for the honesty and good service. Mabuhay po kayo!

Now, the phone in principle is no longer mine, as I promised Nine that I will give it to her if it comes back. I told her once I get a replacement and copied all the phone memory I will give it to her. A week or two passed and I am still amazed that the phone came back. I was thinking that maybe I should keep it because it returned to me. But eventually I bought an inexpensive phone that contains all that I needed within my budget-- a 3220. A triband phone is all that I needed in a phone because I need to be roaming when I travel. The 2600 is now with Nine albeit it being scratched in some parts and dysfunctional during some calls. It served me well. Thank you 2600.

Lost and found, there are many things that I've lost along the way. There are things that found its way back to me, while some are already blurred in memory. It is always good to remember. People and places, events and things. And then some. (sigh)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Matulid River System

These are old photographs of Matulid River. Photos by Carlos Primo "CP" David son of Randy David. This river trek was during the November 1996 APEC summit in Subic which gave the group the needed one week vacation to explore the river system.

This is one of the most beautiful river exploration I've experienced. Albeit my fear of the water at that time that did not stop me from joining this trip. I wasn't a certified scuba diver yet in those early years. It was only in 1999 that I got my PADI certification for open water.

I still distinctly remember that I forgot to remove my boots on my first jump to the water over my excitement at riding my backpack. It was heavy as it filled with water. It is best to wear water sandals. Buy the good branded ones because the possibility of it being torn is high. All the things inside the packs are wrapped in plastic. Plastic containers empty ones inside serve as floaters hahaha.

There were portions with lot of eddies to watch out for otherwise you will be stuck. I had this constant fear that there will be a waterfall ahead. Rapids here and there which gave my biceps a huge purple color a few days after.

It was there at camp one night beside the river just at the bend before mahabang lalim that I saw the huge full moon. Unforgetable indeed.

You would notice that the photos seemed faded and flaked in some parts. I guess blogging prompted me to dig up all the old photos and scan them all one at a time to preserve these moments. Now that I am doing so, it also gives me a chance to remember and share.

I love the outdoors, I miss it already as I spend more time now in Manila. The heat of summer makes me think more about plunging in a river or diving soon again in the ocean. Sigh.

Note: for those wanting to explore Matulid many ITs are available on the web. Click here for a sample.

Friday, May 04, 2007

playdate again

Yehey! our weekly Sunday play date resumed again last Sunday at UP at the back of Quezon Hall. We cancelled indefinitely last month our play dates because baby Toni, Isay and Fya got sick. Now that all the babies have recovered, we are all enjoying the carless oval again. We usually arrive at around 3:30pm to 4pm when the sun is not as scorching and the babies already had their afternoon naps. Last Sunday, we were the first family to arrive. The usual crowd started coming in as the afternoon gets a bit cooler.

Here are the photos of the Tatays with their daughthers. As usual it was potluck. Since the temp is in the 30s we decided to bring bottomless iced tea. We brought our portable thermal bag with cold ice tubes. Nina brought some home made ice creams.

We tried to fly some kites. My right knee is so bad that I cant even play badminton but I did try. The babies played and swapped toys. Hannah brought many colorful balls that she and Toni enjoyed running around.

Rodney brought his toy helicopter and soon all the little boys around are gathered. The Tatays are the one really enjoying and having a great time :O)