Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Elephant Encounter!!!

I just arrived from my Thailand trip. The post above is my happiest memory during my recent trip. It was truly off the charts wonderful experience. I love it!!! I was able to hug their massive trunks. The moment I was in their presence it was overwhelming. You can actually sense their palpable strength! My companions stayed a few meters away saying that they are afraid to be sucked in by their trunks. Here in the photo I am giving some sugarcane stalks.

The encounter with the elephants was just a short side trip to our official business in the Island of Mu Koh Chang approximately 500 kilometers south of Bangkok near the boarders of Cambodia. We visited the Mu Koh Chang Demonstration site of the UNEP GEF South China Sea project on their environment and conservation efforts in the island of Koh Chang.

I will be posting more about Thailand in the coming days.