Monday, January 19, 2015

Beyond words a call to love from the Holy Father

No words. I cannot seem to find the words to begin describe the emotions that swept through me these past few days. But the messages were clear and simple and yet the impact in our hearts seem beyond measure. At a time when I find myself at a crossroads, rethinking my beliefs and making sense in a world that seem to be at the brink. Simple and clear messages of hope from Pope Francis renewed my faith. He spoke with grace about dreaming and loving...encouraging us to keep on dreaming and loving. Reminding us to always go back to the time when started loving each other-- a message to the family. The challenges and evil of these world seem to shrink in the light. The realization that indeed there is hope to fight on, live on and overcome our challenges as a person, as a people. I prayed that God will bless my heart and my cup overflows with the blessings of His word. A sense of being lost but then, the joy of finding the right direction to take. At UST, during the encounter with the youth, a child told her story of living on the street experiencing the hardships of poverty which led children to drugs and prostitution "at bakit ang unti ng mga tumutulong sa amin"-- so raw and honest she questioned "Bakit ito pinapayagan ng Diyos?" "Why does God permit these things to happen?" Her pain was raw and her tears opened the flood gates of eyes of the humanity before her. The Holy Father was moved as she was the only one who asked a question that cannot be answered. The Shepherd called to each one of us to love and take care of the children. Each one of us is called to make a difference. At Tacloban, in the midst of rain and storm Pope Francis said "I am late but I am here." to be present and remind us of God's love. At one point, he said he doesn't know what to say but Jesus knows what to say to us. Look to Jesus. An example to be less of self and more of God. At the end, his messages are basic and clear yet calls for a radical change:
- for the government, together with all Filipinos to put an end to corruption and the scandalous social inequalities - for the clergy, to live simply and work to uplift the poor - for families, to dream, love, rest in God, rise from slumber and be a blessing for others - for those suffering, to look to Jesus who never lets us down and to move forward, always forward - for the youth and everyone else, to learn how to weep, to learn how to love and be loved, to learn from the poor, to be surprised by God, and - for all Filipinos to remember our deepest identity as God's children and be missionaries in Asia and the world.