Saturday, July 29, 2006

Being Parents

The title Nanay (Mommy) or Tatay (Daddy) is a distinguished and noble epithet--bestowed upon you by an innocent child---that you earn through years of hard work. That's because giving birth to your baby does not make you a parent. Parenting is a way of life, a skill (you'll have lots of years of practice), and an art (you'll develop great understanding and compassion) that is acquired over time, based on your positive attitude and your unselfish behavior, and through your diligence. To become a parent means you're dedicated to your children and the plight of children everywhere--it is your long term dedication that secures the title.

Parenting is your sacred obligation...Parenting is an all consuming venture--twenty four hours a day for the next twenty one years or more. It is not for the faint of heart, because halfhearted parenting won't do. Pledge yourself to parenting and follow through. You'll receive many blessings if you do. There is no greater work the Almighty has given.
-- Judy Ford, Blessed Expectations

A new way of life that is very challenging for us right now and everyday the most mundane and simplest things about our little Isay brings us joy.

I thank God for this opportunity which I believe will be a lifetime of adventure.

Answered Prayer

One of my greatest fear in life is to be put "under the knife" and be in a hospital. During the months of my pregnancy, due to a possible complication and a condition that I have, we were primed by our ob-gyn that there is a great possibility that I will undergo a c-section.

We eventually did not take the Lamaze class that we planned because of the high chance of having a cs. All those months, I kept praying still asking God to please let me have a normal delivery. We also asked friends and family to please pray for us.

All those months,I kept blocking the thought of going through the whole ordeal of giving birth because of the possible cs. While other pregnant women (I guess these are veteran moms) cannot wait get it over with, I kept thinking please not yet (and other forms of useless anxiety). The time came 4 days after my EDD (expected date of delivery).

Indeed it was an answered prayer. I had a normal delivery. I want to remember this answered prayer by blogging about it. Also to thank all those who prayed for us and to really thank and praise God for it.
There has been many things that I need to be thankful for specially the past few months but because of the recent daily demands I barely can get around to write about it. When I started this blog, one of my reasons was and still is to have a place to write all the blessings that I received, miracles big and small that happened in my daily life. I also tend to not put in many details that are too personal for the public (as if ang daming nagbabasa ng blog na ito :P) Anyway, I tend not to blog about the "down" times or when I am going through some form of the "blues". But I guess this year this (if time permits) will eventually evolve into a more balanced sharing. I realized that much of the life changing events and turning points in my life are those times when I am going through difficult times. I tend not to write about very difficult times for I felt that it is too personal to share. I am also very emotional, very "raw" at the way I express myself at these times that I opt wait it out until the tide of emotions have subsided. I realized I needed to share these as well.

In the coming entries, I will not be ignoring the "blues" but definitely continue to count my blessings.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Prayer for our little one

Our Isay is 5 weeks old. Isay turned one month July 21st. She is well on her way to her second month. It seems that time passes quickly and yet slowly. The daily routine seems slow and yet the days fly by as we go about learning the way of life of being parents. I believe beaing a parent is a lifetime adventure of learning. It is a great challenge and at times, a bit overwhelming at times. Tonight, I realized our need for constant affirmation and prayers indeed to be able to do this task that we are given--caring for our little one's soul and all her human needs.

I am qouting from the book that has kept me company through these nine months. Here is a few verse of affirmation from Blessed Expectations by Judy Ford.

May our little one be blessed with love, health and spirit. May we parents, be blessed with wisdom, strength and generosity of soul. As we get to know each other and settle in, bless our family with gentle words and loving smiles.

We welcome you into our hearts today. We love you. We love you, little one. We welcome you in our hearts today. We welcome you home.

This is our family. We come together to help each other, to laugh and to grow. Thank you for each unique member...
We are a beautiful bunch

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

happy proud parents

During her first sun bathing.

We would like to thank all the people who prayed for us and continue to bless our lives. We want to share to you these first images of Isay. Thank you for the love and support of friends and family-- we will not list them here-- you know who you are. Thank you so.

Offerings are still being accepted :O) when you visit (wink, wink)

Isay is born

Amaris Dalisay.

Amaris ( Hebrew word for God's promise) Dalisay (Filipino word for true and pure)

Thank God for the blessing that is Isay. Her birthday is June 21, 2006, 5:10 pm

May you be blessed always.