Saturday, July 29, 2006

Being Parents

The title Nanay (Mommy) or Tatay (Daddy) is a distinguished and noble epithet--bestowed upon you by an innocent child---that you earn through years of hard work. That's because giving birth to your baby does not make you a parent. Parenting is a way of life, a skill (you'll have lots of years of practice), and an art (you'll develop great understanding and compassion) that is acquired over time, based on your positive attitude and your unselfish behavior, and through your diligence. To become a parent means you're dedicated to your children and the plight of children everywhere--it is your long term dedication that secures the title.

Parenting is your sacred obligation...Parenting is an all consuming venture--twenty four hours a day for the next twenty one years or more. It is not for the faint of heart, because halfhearted parenting won't do. Pledge yourself to parenting and follow through. You'll receive many blessings if you do. There is no greater work the Almighty has given.
-- Judy Ford, Blessed Expectations

A new way of life that is very challenging for us right now and everyday the most mundane and simplest things about our little Isay brings us joy.

I thank God for this opportunity which I believe will be a lifetime of adventure.

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