Friday, July 25, 2008

exploring the canals

Ft. Lauderdale canals. I took this photo on top of Pier 66.

The top photo was taken at the top floor of the Pier 66 tower. You can see the convention center just behind the draw bridge with the shiny windows. I was really excited to take a picture of the bridge with the roads up in an angle.

water taxi

Here are my friends from Vanuatu from L to R: Kalo, Chris and Zaidy. We went for a ride on the water taxi with Toni. We only did the outbound route and didnt have time to see the inbound route.

It was mind blowing how much these mansions and boats cost as narrated by the tour guide. We saw the Miami Vice house, Tarzan's house, Cher and Lucille Ball's mansions and other boats seen on movies. Instead of cars in their garage each mansion have boat parked outside their homes.

trolley surprise

On Thursday, there was a long lunch break so Zaidy (my friend from Vanuatu) and I decided to check out the nearby shops. it was really hot humid day. on our way back we saw a trolley parked in a corner and since there are no tricyle or bus or taxi in sight we dashed from behind the trolley and got a ride. I was trying to get a dollar from my purse when someone said "they are free on thursdays"! Wow I thought what luck! We decided to take a short ride to see the sights and went back just in time to catch the last batch of talks before the banguet dinner. We took this photo when got off the trolley! God is good all the time, indeed!


We got free tickets to watch Deep Sea 3D at Ft. Lauderdale IMAX theater. it was yet to be released and the tickets were a special screening for the ICRS participants. Ticket ran out fast. This was my first ever full length 3D film on IMAX.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

beer bottle

There were flowing drinks at the evening receptions four days in a row. What really intrigued me was the bottle of beers. when I asked for a bud light, i realized that the bottle was made of plastic. I asked the bar tender why and he said "because of the games".

And I noted that the bud light bottle was re-sealable :)

babies at icrs

There were many babies at the symposium. How I wish that baby can be with me. This mom looks super cool!

M at Seattle was giving me the Kelty baby carrier like this one in the photo. But I opted not to bring as baby Isay already uses one that was made by R for his baby H. We used it in HK last year when baby Isay was just a year old.

Thanks M for reserving that one for little bro.

the bus

This is the bus that took us to the convention center everyday except the first day when we walked from the Bridge at Cordova. It is a modern bus but the design is the classic truck like front which is really interesting.

We didnt stay in the listed hotels but we got this good place for boat crew people as Ft Lauderdale is a yatching community there are many accommodations that are mini apartments with complete kitchen and ensuite bathrooms. All that for only $155 per week per person! Great deal!

Seaweb: journalist and scientist

This photos was during the Seaweb reception where scientist and journalist was face to face trying to understand each other. It was funny and a bit intense in some parts. i think they have an update on this in their website and will refer you to them for the details.

it was good to meet Pulitzer prize winner Ken Weiss of LA Times here ( the white haired guy behind the vase of flowers) only posting partly hidden photos here.

I wasnt able to finish my chardonay.

apple juice

We had blueberry muffins and apple juice for snacks the first day. I was happy to have apple juice as I rarely have these at home. But it was only the first day that they serve this. The next 4 days sobra nag tipid na coffee na lang ba sa umaga. In the afternoon coffee then popcorn...can you imagine? and then next day coffee and ice cream popsicles but I enjoyed it na rin. :) kakatuwa lang idea naisip ko para hindi mailagay sa bag ng mga utaw.

turtle in the carpet

This is one of the lobbies in the convention center in Ft. Lauderdale. Sobra lang akong naaliw sa carpet because the theme are all marine animals :) I love this photo! This is just outside the 3 ballrooms were the reef management and reef restoration presentations were made.

There was free wi-fi to boot in this area.

Opening Ceremonies at 11th ICRS

This is the opening ceremonies last July 7th. I was funny in a way it was very short and different from the opening ceremonies in Okinawa 4 years ago with all the drums and cultural dances.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Just to let everyone that I am here in Florida for the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium to present my poster. Here is a picture of the poster session hall with the reception drinks in the forground.

will write more later.