Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lunch under the trees

Yesterday was a great day. At the simplicity of it all I found solace. Thank You God. This time of the year a lot of things going on that take your time and attention, work, busy work, domestic demands and yet despite of these, there are nuggets of joy that can be found. Had a late lunch yesterday, an egg salad sandwich. While still warm in my hands I chanced upon to look at the garden at 1:30 in the afternoon. I walked outside and welcomed the warm sunny weather. I missed eating in the garden. I sat there under the trees' shade while chewing my sandwich... I looked up and saw the blue almost cloudless sky and I felt truly grateful. 8 days before Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Unang gabi ng Simbang Gabi

I cant remember the last time that I went to the 4:30AM simbang gabi mass. Today with nostalgia about my childhood memories of the ritual...I went on my own. A sense of longing for inner peace and a renewed heart urged me to fill in that emptiness. A compelling sense emptiness seems more apparent during the advent season. I guess this is why a search for meaning is more palpable. A retreat from the usual routine. I guess I know in my heart that the search for the place to reflect is not just a place where you can see the great expanse of the sea and the sky nor in a quiet place. I've come to realize that the search is more inward and the sense of place is in your heart. Even in the loud noise of your surroundings you may be able to find your own peace and Self realization. Yesterday almost unknowingly my eyes poured out. A sense of knowing. Things are the same but they are not the same. Something has changed. Only you can sense the shift. And a yearning for the Universe to bless your heart.