Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Welcome Jane!

Binyag ni baby Jane Allison, 6 months old at St Paul Church, Timog June 26th  Posted by Hello

I was just thinking what my pamangkin is thinking at this moment. I guess she must have some thoughts by the way she is looking up there seemed to be something that caught her attention up there and she did not even cry when cold water was poured over her. It was a moment of offering. If we can just comprehend what was going on at that moment, we might just be overwhelmed with a love that is outpouring from above.

Photo by Amats Salgado (the godfather)

Don't Panic

I got the answer! The answer to the question about "Life, The Universe and Everything?". The answer to the ultimate perennial question is "42". Yes, 42. According to Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I guess it was good that Amats has already read the book.

We had a really good laugh watching H2G2. There were a lot of unforgetable lines, like Marvin's "it's rubbish", when the Vogan were shot by Marvin "what's the point?", the dolphins' song and dance number "thank you for all the fish", Ford's "Empty your mind, Don't think, no ideas". Ha ha! and that was yesterday.

Then this morning I realized, may sense of humor din talaga si God dahil this morning I was preparing myself for a good serious reflection, after today's reading about the passage of calming the storm when Jesus was sleeping on the boat and the storm and He said to the apostles "Why are you afraid, you of little faith?". After some quiet time, chewing on the verse, then during prayer time when I was asking Him what does He want me to learn. I got an answer! Simple.

"Don't Panic."

Ang saya ng prayer time ko today!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Picture! picture!

This was in Mindanao and I'm here showing my friends in the field at work how beautiful they are in the picture. Posted by Hello

This is just one sample of the pictures taken by a good friend at work Toni Parras-- she has been around and even worked for NGS expeditions. Thanks Toni for the great pictures, I love those black and white ones.

I've been thinking lately if I should put up my own photoblog. Hmmm what do you think?

Travel now

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.--St. Augustine

I have always loved traveling. I love to travel. I guess this two statements is enough until I came across to what St. Augustine said. And as for reading, since I was a child I think reading is such luxury. In the light of this passage, I realized that both are really related: travelling and reading. The two things I love doing. Pondering more about these two, it both leads one to learning. haven't you realized that those people who are well travelled and well read are some of the most interesting people to talk to? Tales of places they've seen, unique cultures they've been immersed in and food they've tasted are just some of the things which makes them carry a good conversation. It is sad though that sometimes we pass up the opportunity to travel. Ah I have work, I can't leave right now, I have to do this and that first--until the oppotune moment has passed us by. Well, somethings still do inhibit one to travel, financial more often than time. But I think if we just put it in the things we must do, God and the universe will help us any which way.

I guess today I've just been bitten by wanderlust.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Blessed morn

I woke up I think at dawn. Earlier, I thought it was the middle of the night when I had a drink of water, my throat always feels dry and it was really warm even thought it rained. My eyes were still asleep, squinting from the lights that were left open by my husband. I closed these and went back to sleep--er well to bed and I realized I cannot go back to sleep. I was slowly being filled with random thoughts of anxiety, I saw my husband there and I murmured a prayer for protection and health. Then a variety of restless emotions (sigh) and I realized, I can't go back to sleep, after what seemed to be a few minutes, I saw that there was light outside and I rose up again to see if I wasn't able to turn off the lights at the porch at the back. To my surprise, its early morning.

This is how I find myself here now writing away. I feel blessed rising early. Actually it felt good to smell the morning air and the sun just rose up too. I heard some bird chirping and felt a bit relived. And now I have more time for my reflections.

I visited sacred space, and this passage presented itself to me:
You tell me, Lord, that there is no need to be afraid. What do I fear? Sickness and death in those I love, the anger and hate of powerful people, or a catastrophe like a tsunami. You tell me that every hair on my head is numbered, that your Providence sustains me. You are urging me not to waste my energy on anxieties I can do nothing about.

It is amazing how God makes His presence felt and how He personally know what to say at each moment that I seek Him. Well I guess it is the other way around, He does more of the seeking rather than I.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I read another email today, I do not usually read spam or forwarded mails but email I personal know who sent, I browse and then, if it is relevant for the time being and worth to be read then, I read it. This is not really a disclaimer, it just came to mind the Chinese quote "when the student is ready, the teacher arrives" I remember this particular passage I read in one of the books of Fulghum.

I think the universe has been sending me messages in a variety of ways to cope with my "grumpiness" as some of my loved ones would put it. Indeed I am well aware of my weakness and learning to cope with it is crucial to my survival.

Why 90/10? when I read Karen's email today, about us not having control in the 10% of what happens to our lives, we in turn have 90% control over our lives--this is our reactions to the things around us.

I am amazed that teachings come to me in various forms and modes that indeed there must be some truth to that saying.

Monday, June 20, 2005

this moment

Measured in love. During our wedding, we specifically requested that Rent's Seasons of Love be sung and played. Hopefully all the things that we do in life will be measured in love. This thought passed through my mind as I read Matthew 7:1-5 today's Gospel.

One of the things that I have been trying to learn is to let God drive my live. When you are in the passenger seat you are not in control and even if you know the general direction He brings you to places that you never thought that you would actually pass by. It is as if just enjoying the ride and not be a backseat driver.

To be truly present and enjoy the moment, where His grace can truly be manifested is to be able to appreciate the moment. Not the future or what has happened. Yesterday what happened at that time is past and what will happen later or tommorrow is future. I believe that His great power is manisfested in our lives when we let things simply be. Just enough light for me to take the next step. Maybe that is why He literally made me near-sighted hehehe.

Peace and joy can be experienced wherever one is. Best enjoyed when one is truly present in that moment.

Emmanuel means "God with us".

Saturday, June 18, 2005

School has begun

Just came back from UPLB and sorted out my final two subjects ENRM 241 Economic Valuation (which could be described as boring as History of Magic or something similar to Divination as Ron and Harry would put it) and ENRM 290 (could be like the Defense Against the Dark Arts, it always depends on the teacher if you'd be able to make your defense or not at the end of the sem--whew). But I am excited for my two new language classes Spanish 1 and French 1--Saturday classes. I know it would be a difficult sem this year as there are lots of things going on at work too. But still the prospect of learning new spells er--things is enough to get me excited and have a crack at them.


Since it has been the French Spring in Manila, I've been thinking of Amelie the movie that I loved watching in 2001 and even have a DVD copy at home. I guess one of the things that I liked about Amelie was that she helps out people in need anonymously, she was sort of a heroine and I think it was clearly one of her subconcious personalities as depicted when she wore that Zorro like costume for a moment to pose. Some other chracters come to mind like Robin Hood and Batman. Being undercover, doing things for others, helping them out, the idea of it being incognito reveals more the importance of the act rather than the persona being recognized as the one doing the act of service. Amelie not being a superhero nonetheless is in that league of doing selfless acts that bring happiness to others.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Understanding is loving

Love your enemies.
Honestly this is not an easy commandment.
Today, I am once again reminded that:

that you may be children of your heavenly Father, for he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good,and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust. Mt 5:45

I remember I made an short blog entry on this verse before.
But today a different part of the verse was given emphasis.

Love your enemies.

A quick show of hands affirming the difficulty of this commandment, the discourse went on and focused on Agape.

One of my long questions were answered, that to be able to love, one needs to understand. I guess in our lifetime, whether we like it or not, provoked it or not, did anything to offend or was clueless that our actions offended, in one way or the other, we will have what we call "enemies".

To be able to understand is the way. Everyday I am still learning.

Sa isang birthday sa looban

Late this afternoon, AG and Honey passed by the house to drop-off the shoes of Amats but he is out on his "raket". It was such timing that Amats and I also planned to meet up at UP and hear mass. Galing ni God, I got an instant lift and was able to spend time with good friends.

Honey invited us to the debut of daughter of Nang Helen right after. Amats and I tagged along for we also know the community of people He Cares dun sa "looban". It was not the first time that I visit areas of the urban poor. It reminded me about my first job in development work at Meralco Foundation. This will be the first time that we were able to visit the homes of the families that we serve at He Cares most Saturdays. It was amazing how the children greet their Kuya AG, as in running and embracing. Awww. It is the same when they saw Ate Honey and Ate Brenda.

We waited for Kuya Joe Dean and started singing and praying over the food, family and celebrant Joselen. I felt blessed to be a guest in this celebration.

I could only imagine how difficult it is these days to have a feast, despite their poverty, we were serve a wonderful meal of menudo, pineapple chicken, fried chicken, squid, spring rolls, mixed vegetables and frozen graham cracker cake for dessert.

Despite hot humid evening, despite the very small space that we filed ourselves into, despite the palpable poverty of the place, people wear genuine smiles, true fellowship and indeed it was a blissful celebration of Joselen's 18th birthday.


I am now reading "Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff" by R. Carlson, this little book that Elnora gave to me is exactly what I need to learn and learn, again and again. There are many things that I treat as an emergency which if I have given it just enough thought, it really is small stuff. I would have saved my energies for better things that need my time and thoughts. One of my goals is to have a peaceful and healthy life and this is high on my list of priorities. Reflecting on these, it's just that even though I know these things to be true, I need to be reminded that to have peace, this is basically dependent on the many choices of reactions I have on anything, on any given day. More of these reflections will manifest once I chewed on these valuable read. For now, since class has not yet begun, I am reading Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix--such luxury to read non-required readings. Savoring the few days left until urgent work and study catches me again. Thank God for the blessing of reading.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunday, June 12, 2005

All the Earth let us sing!

"Shout to the Lord all the Earth let us sing." The Araneta last night was filled to the bleachers, waves upon waves of people singing in worship from their hearts. The energy in the air was palpable. The last time I experienced this kind powerful worship with masses and masses of homo sapiens was 10 years ago also at the Araneta during World Youth Day 1995. On an evening when most of the people in the country is worried of political unrest, a powerful prayer was lifted up for this nation.

People do crazy things at concerts, lifting up their hands in all directions, singing till their throats hurt, dance till their feet are numb, I cannot do this anymore with much energy in ordinary concerts BUT I can do it for an awesome God.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Organic Rebellion

There is a new hope, a growing resistance in the organic rebellion against the dark side of the Farm. The true ways of the farm is almost forgotten. Learn the ways of the Farm. (go to the link now it will definitely make your day) I love yogurt! Go YODA!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


I received the letter just now, the one letter that I have been dreading to receive yet need to receive and know the result. When Manong guard of Dordosato handed me the LBC pouch, the first word out my mouth when I saw that it was from UPLB, was "Oh no! its here". I removed the staple then slowly stepped up the stairs, Amats said "you're not opening it here?" Then, I can't wait a moment more and opened the letter. "We are pleased to inform you..." Whoooohooooo! first three words and we broke out in cheers! Thank God! Take one! Yes!

God is so good! His timing is perfect!

Ok ok let me finish the letter:

Dear Ms Flores-Salgado:

We are pleased to inform you that you have successfully passed both the core and major fields of the Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management (MENRM)Program written comprehensive examination administered on 06-07 May 2005. You may now register for ENRM 290 Special Problem course.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Cerenilla A. Cruz
Chair, MENRM Comprehensive Examination Committee

Paz H. Diaz

Cc: Dr. Melinda dP Bandalaria
University Registrar

4 years passed, 33 units taken, 3 units to take again, 5 core subjects and 5 major subjects, all in distance learning. 3 opportunities passed, one take.

All in His perfect timing.
God is good. And indeed He is.

Images of Paris

Yesterday we went to GB3 to check out the French Spring Festival in Manila. We were hoping to watch some films but eventually we just visited the photo exhibit of George Tapan--Off color. It was indeed very interesting to look through a photographer's eye, unique perspectives and composition that made my feet itch to go wandering again.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One Day

We were dancing to "One Day" last years Lingkod QT's 4th year anniversary. Posted by Hello

One Day
Written by: Reuben Morgan

More than I could hope or dream of
You have poured Your favour on me
One day in the house of God is
Better than a thousand places in the world

So blessed I can't contain it
So much you've got to give it away
Your love is all for me to live now
You are more than enough for me

Lord You're more than enough for me x4
Lord You're more than enough for me x4

* Hillsongs Australia, 1999
* Integrity's Hosanna! Music

Happy 5th Anniversary Lingkod QTs

Hillsong at the Araneta

This coming Saturday, June 11th Reuben Morgan and Hillsong concert will be right here at the Araneta. One jeepney ride away and as they say cheaper than going to Australia. I can't wait! Thank you Ella for securing our tickets.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Jane Allison with Mama Jinky  Posted by Hello


Treasures is what one will find in these second hand stores--Ukay ukay is how we call them it is actually the action when you go through heaps of second hand clothes, export over runs, brand new ones that did not pass quality control because the button was not in its place, some think its "dead people's clothes" that is how Dada calls them before she went to Yale.

Were planning to travel in the coming months and we need new gear. Actually, I lost a micro fleece during my trip to Mindanao which spurred this recent trip to the UKay shop. Rainy days are here and it is timely that we update our rain gear.

We got 10 pcs mostly fleece and shell the cheapest we got was 40 pesos and the most expensive about 160 pesos. All in all the treasure we found cost an average of 79 pesos each only. And these are rare find indeed. First we found a Timberland, lime green sports fleece then I got an orange fleece Nike mountain wear for ladies just my size, then a gray micro fleece for ladies, a gray shell--a complete attire for any mountain in the country. And thats not all, this gray shell Baleno Ladies exactly my size just weigh a few ounces and can fit my sling on bag for everyday rainy day wear.

Since its school opening we also got Julius- my nephew a new convertible jacket and Jinky a pink jacket. Amats also got Baleno and Champion fleece. Another guy we saw got TNF wind breakers and Timberland shell--in Amats size. Well thats the down side you have to be real quick to search and find the good ones.

The people selling these do not know the value of the gear they are selling. Past months we've been looking around at Outdoor shops, Columbia, Nike Women, and the prices enough to buy round trip tickets around Asia.

As I wrote about it in Lakay e-groups, Cubao now is the place to be.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Salamat Imee

Yesterday, we planned to visit baby Jane who is almost 6 months old and she has some new talents to show her Tita Day and Ninong Tito Amats. After a long day at the bank, Central office of the SS and Philhealth. We went our way to San Francisco (del Monte) Quezon City.

At Pantranco area, I scouted a place where I can buy pasalubong for my baby niece. Then my attention was caught, I saw two babies crawling and their mother sitting on the side. I remembered Imee Sioco and how she responded before on a similar situation. Now, thinking about it, it was what Imee shared in the e-groups that has urged me to respond to this occasion. 7-11 is just there, I went in and bought some monggo bread and jungle juice. I bought the pasalubong for my family also. On the side walk, I gave the bread and juice to the mother. I saw the surprise in her eyes. I was not able to talk to her for I was also looking for Amats at this time. I was really tempted to talk to her and ask if she knows about He Cares. But the sky is overcast and the clouds dark and almost rush hour. Maybe next time.

Today as I read the meditations of the Word Among Us, a reminder of our call to love. And I thank God that He gives us the opportunity almost anywhere we are, the opportunity to express this love.

Salamat Imee for your inspiration.

middle of the year, middle of the decade

It is the 6th month of the year 2005, it is the middle of the year and also of the decade. I realized this when it is already due to renew my passport. Has it been five years since I renewed my passport in Palawan? And now I am applying again for a new passport. Although my passpost expires on Dec 6, 2005, it is recommended that one has at least six months of valid passport to be allowed entry to most countries. Wandering, traveling brings much anticipation, of places to see and people to meet.