Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sa isang birthday sa looban

Late this afternoon, AG and Honey passed by the house to drop-off the shoes of Amats but he is out on his "raket". It was such timing that Amats and I also planned to meet up at UP and hear mass. Galing ni God, I got an instant lift and was able to spend time with good friends.

Honey invited us to the debut of daughter of Nang Helen right after. Amats and I tagged along for we also know the community of people He Cares dun sa "looban". It was not the first time that I visit areas of the urban poor. It reminded me about my first job in development work at Meralco Foundation. This will be the first time that we were able to visit the homes of the families that we serve at He Cares most Saturdays. It was amazing how the children greet their Kuya AG, as in running and embracing. Awww. It is the same when they saw Ate Honey and Ate Brenda.

We waited for Kuya Joe Dean and started singing and praying over the food, family and celebrant Joselen. I felt blessed to be a guest in this celebration.

I could only imagine how difficult it is these days to have a feast, despite their poverty, we were serve a wonderful meal of menudo, pineapple chicken, fried chicken, squid, spring rolls, mixed vegetables and frozen graham cracker cake for dessert.

Despite hot humid evening, despite the very small space that we filed ourselves into, despite the palpable poverty of the place, people wear genuine smiles, true fellowship and indeed it was a blissful celebration of Joselen's 18th birthday.

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