Monday, June 30, 2008

a blast from the past

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have an amnesia and then all of sudden in one sweeping moment your memories came back? I experienced something similar last Saturday. It was my first official homecoming to my student organization UPAEMS (University of the Philippines Alliance of Economics and Management Students) now celebrating its 25th year. Old brods and sis called and sent sms. It all caught me by surprise in a way. Last Friday, they called me to come and attend the anniv. It was actually a blur at how fast things unfold. Just told my batchmate I need a ride and be back at home same day and that was it. I just went. Not even bothered to ask for all the other details. I only learned on the way how special it was because its the silver anniversary. At that time, I thought I made the right decision to go.

It was amazing to see old friends, batchmates and all those people that you thought "no longer existed" suddenly came to life again. It was 17 years ago when I joined this student organization. Each memory and image came back one at a time as I greet each one. It was eerie in a way. Something like Arnold Schwarzanegger's
Total Recall.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A new morning

I felt that I want to give thanks for everything that is. We have weathered many storms in the past. We survived, we recovered. After every storm there is a calm. We keep on living. Every morning a promise of new hope.


Ang drama ng mga ulap ng umaga. Malayo ang tinatanaw niya. Nagiintay? Nagpapahinga...

This is my second visit to the Island of Camiguin. The first time I visited was circa 2004. At that time, I was not able to visit this wonderful stretch of white sand. This place is called White Island. Actually it is a huge winding sand bar similar to Snake Island in Honda Bay. It is about 5-10 minute boat ride from the shoreline. I was excited to explore this part and was up by 5am. Early morning is the best time to visit with still the soft morning sun to enjoy.

I love the first photo on top with the boy in the red shirt. It was really by chance that I caught him there. Eventually, I learned that he was a fisherman's son and they were resting from the early morning fishing. I have a complete series of them and maybe I will share in future post.

The sea was relatively calm that day. This was taken more than a week before the big storm hit the islands.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Grand Palace

Unbelievable! I've never been to a palace this grand before. Just this trip I took over 800 pictures on a borrowed digi cam. Thanks so much El!

Tom Yum ala martilyo

What really got me excited was the authentic Thai food. Our first lunch there we were served with what else but my favorite! Tom Yum-- the real thing. I was really hungry and craving for some hot soup after the long hours travel over land and a short ferry ride on the ro-ro. Then there we were serve with the best. My first sip was with real gusto and then wham! it hit me like a martilyo on the tongue! That is why I called it ala martilyo (ala sledgehammer). But I love it nonetheless! Through out the meal we were saying "aww", aw, aw in short burst that our host can you believe it ordered a bland fried food for our delegation hahaha.

Message from a Chocolate

I am now eating Dove smooth milk chocolate with Almonds. Been enjoying this treat for a few days now. Its a "pasalubong" ( travel gift) from a friend who came home for a vacation to the Philippines.

When you open the golden foil wrapper, inside there is a message. Been wanting to share all the quotes that I've been getting lately but this one is the best. It came to me while I am blogging and have the honor to post first! i love it!

"Keep the promise you make to yourself"--Dove chocolates

Yes to that!

ps i wish i have a camera now so that I can post a picture. well you know the story.

monks at the Suvarnabhumi airport

I love their robes! Always been intrigued by their ways. I also love taking pictures of monks. This series is such a treasure because I caught them taking pictures of themselves hahaha. What is so interesting is that they are now high tech they have their laptops with them. The great recorders of history are not left behind by technology. Awesome!!!! I love them!


During my last trip to Thailand. The first thing that struck me was the Suvarnabhumi Airport (pronounced as "Su-Wana-poom") Suvarnabhumi means "The Golden Land". The last time I was in Thailand was in 1995 and the airport they have back then was very similar to the NAIA. I was happily surprised that now they have something similar to Singapore less the orchids in the center. A big and better airport.

That brings me to our own airport. More than twenty years ago I distinctly remembered the time when we brought our Tita to the airport back then it was the MIA or Manila International Airport. She was going to migrate to the States. As you know the tradition is that the whole barangay of relatives are in tow to send off the relative who is migrating. I also remembered we had picture taking with everyone in front of the jeep that brought the whole clan. My cousins and I were climbing up and down the escalators. I still have that picture.

Then circa 2008 last month when I went to Thailand. Now called the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, but nothing is different from more than 20 years ago. I felt sad for the condition of our airport every time. Recently I heard that the newly built terminal 3 has already these supposed cracks from an earthquake. Not even open yet and already broken. tsk tsk.

Oh well.

Same time 2 years ago

June 20th 2 years ago, we were expecting our baby to be born. That night, I had a bloody show and I was relieved that finally I was giving birth. But also afraid of the right of passage that I will go through at that time.

Tomorrow will be baby's 2nd birthday. We didnt plan for anything big like the 1st birthday. We will still have family and friends over at the house. I followed Ninang Susan's advise that blessings will come to the home that open its doors to people. We will be celebrating Isay's 2nd birthday this Saturday.

Really have nothing prepared yet. But we will have the classic pansit for long life and a nice cake and maybe a few balloons for the cousins and friends.

It has been a while

It has been more than a month since I blogged. I miss sharing my thoughts. I wanted to share the many things that are happening the past month. Yes, I am still going to share more about Thailand and then the workshop we had in Camiguin last week. Recently, a really good friend and her family was in town from the States with her two kids. M and I are been catching up a bit. Now I am preparing for a long trip to the US first week of July. I still need to prepare alot for that. Excited to share my adventure of how people have shown their generosity in helping me with this trip. I will write more on that later as well.

Well, that being said, I just wanted to have some time to ponder. Alone time with myself is priceless these days.

Also just wanted to add that Tatay is in Maguindanao. Haay, I will note here that I will share something really struck me about Mindanao and our people.

I will carve out the time for this blog. It helps me remember and enjoy the many small and great blessings that come my way each day.