Monday, June 30, 2008

a blast from the past

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have an amnesia and then all of sudden in one sweeping moment your memories came back? I experienced something similar last Saturday. It was my first official homecoming to my student organization UPAEMS (University of the Philippines Alliance of Economics and Management Students) now celebrating its 25th year. Old brods and sis called and sent sms. It all caught me by surprise in a way. Last Friday, they called me to come and attend the anniv. It was actually a blur at how fast things unfold. Just told my batchmate I need a ride and be back at home same day and that was it. I just went. Not even bothered to ask for all the other details. I only learned on the way how special it was because its the silver anniversary. At that time, I thought I made the right decision to go.

It was amazing to see old friends, batchmates and all those people that you thought "no longer existed" suddenly came to life again. It was 17 years ago when I joined this student organization. Each memory and image came back one at a time as I greet each one. It was eerie in a way. Something like Arnold Schwarzanegger's
Total Recall.

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