Sunday, December 30, 2007

Remembering Rizal, Dima-salang, Laong-laan

"I die without seeing the sun rise in my country.
You who are to see the dawn, welcome it,
and do not forget those who fell in the night."

-Jose Rizal from his book Noli Me Tangere

isang kasalan

Mabuhay kayo Aison at Ditsi!!!
Salamat sa pagbahagi ninyo sa amin ng inyong buhay! Pagpalain nawa ng Poon ang inyong bagong buhay!

Ditsi's gown!

When I saw Ditsi walk down the aisle on Dec 22 at the UP Chapel, I was enchanted indeed by her gown. Simple and Elegant. It is full of beads! Wonderful bead work indeed not the traditional wedding dress beads! I love it and just had to post it here! Thanks Maye for the photos!

The best thing is that Ditsi with the help of friends conceptualized, designed and made it themselves!

Ditsi Carolino independent documentary film maker and director of "Minsan Lang Sila Mga Bata", "Riles" and "Bunso".

All photos by Maye Padilla

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Maligayang Pasko!!!

I bring you good news of great joy...
a Savior has been born!

Luke 2:10, 11 NIV

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas is about giving

Are you thinking of ways to make your Christmas more meaningful and selfless? There are many ways you can give to those who really need your help. You can volunteer your time. You can also sponsor a child for $1 a day.

He Cares Foundation is one of the charities that need your help. Below is a letter from Kuya Joe Dean which can be found in their website. If you know of any company or organization looking for a charity to give to please kindly mention He Cares.

Dear Friend,

The He Cares Foundation invites you to be a channel of God’s blessing to the poor. For many years now, the He Cares Foundation has been providing for the physical and spiritual needs of local street children. At present, an average of 40 to 50 children benefit from the once-a-day feeding accompanied by daily prayer and bible sharing. The drop-in center also gives these children a place to go in case of emergencies, such as illness. In addition, the foundation is currently working with the Red Cross to educate these children and their families on health and nutrition and is in negotiations with DECS to allow the center to provide credited non-formal education.

But there is still so much to be done.The ultimate vision of the foundation is, of course, to get children off the streets and enable them to live healthy, safe, normal lives and become happy and productive individuals of our society. Among other things, we would like to increase feeding to three times a day, provide a permanent shelter, and increase educational and livelihood programs. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

You can make a difference in the lives of these needy children. In their name, we ask that you share whatever you can with them. There are many ways you can help. Join us in our mission and let us all be channels of God’s blessings.

In Christ,

Bro. Joe Dean Sola
He Cares Foundation, Inc.

To donate visit the website of He Cares Foundation. How to donate click here.

Contact details:
#11 Acuña Drive, Philvirra Homes, Project 8, Quezon City
Tel. No. (632) 928-8910 (call 1:00 - 5:00 pm)
Cel. No. 0927+9755399

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Uulan ng mga parol sa langit

Hindi na ako mapalagay sa paghihintay. Dahil uulan ng mga parol sa langit sa mga susunod na gabi sa Dec 14 at 15 ay dadaan ang maraming mga parol na guguhit sa langit.

ito ang tinatawag na Geminids meteor shower. Marami pang impormasyon dito at dito.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Upon some pondering the past days, I realized that I want to revisit what Christmas means, how it is celebrated. I guess that is why I am collecting some thoughts about this season. I wanted to explore more about how this seasonal celebration came to be. I know that this season is defined differently by each person. At the very basic of it is a celebration of life, an expectant season, a time to celebrate a birthday. But it is not just any ordinary birthday.

For starters I looked for the basic definition of nativity from the American Heritage Dictionary. Nativity is 1. Birth, especially the place, conditions, or circumstances of being born.
2.Nativity a. The birth of Jesus. b. A representation, such as a painting, of Jesus just after birth. c. Christmas. 3. A horoscope for the time of one's birth.

I was surprised by the 3rd one. I asked Amats why do you think that it was defined like that? I didn't expect that one. Amats said that maybe because during the birth of Christ it was associated with the appearance of a great star in the sky. So maybe that is the why the 3rd definition was associated with nativity. We all know the story that a great star guided that three wise men to Bethlehem. They are called by many names the three kings, the three magi and some say they are actually astrologers from the East. These wise men noted the prophecy that a King will arrive marked by the appearance of this great star. Some believe that that great star might have been a comet.

By the way in a couple of days on Dec 13 and 14 there will be the Geminids meteor shower. Meteor showers are caused by the debris left in the orbits of comets. When the earth passes the debris-laden orbit, the particles are heated to incandescence by the Earth's atmosphere and once a year we have a meteor shower more info here.

Meteor showers is one of my most favorite events to watch ever! Not the quick "oh there it goes and its gone". It is really really different I've watched a meteor shower where the "shooting stars" carve a huge bright line not once or twice but almost every minute for more than 4 hours until my neck and back hurt and they continue to fall all over the sky until dawn. Incredible! This was in the year 2002.

Well a thought passed through my mind that maybe two thousand years ago there was a comet in the sky. And now many many years later we might be looking at the trail of that same "star". Wow! Imagine?


Sunday, December 09, 2007


Christmas is

One great symbol of God's promise is a rainbow. It is His promise that the world will never be destroyed by flood again. It is both a symbol of hope and love.

Christmas is God's promise made manifest.

In a world where promises are broken, it is always good to be reminded that His word is something we can always hold on to.

sayaw sa bangko atbp

A week or two ago, we were at the marine protected areas awards and recognition night at the celebrity sports plaza. The event was dubbed Para El Mar. It has been a while since I attended a big gathering. I received several complimentary tickets and distributed these to friends and colleagues. But it was such a rainy day that very few people wanted to go. Anyway, I was really thankful that I was able to attend. Met old friends who flew in from Palawan. Took a lot of pictures. Got to talk to some friends in conservation work that I rarely see because they are almost always in the field. It was a good night. What made it special was that there were this Filipiniana dance group. I adore watching them. The opportunity to watch traditional dance are few and far between.

The prayer was also said in unconventional way. A "tambuli" was played and a meditative chant using indigenous instruments. It was soulful in a very unique way. At that moment I thank God for prodding me to go and experience this.

Monday, December 03, 2007


It is just 22 days before Christmas. I know that it is near but when the numbers hit me, I did not realize that it was that close. I did not go into panic mode. It just doesnt seem to be that time of the year. Well, all the usual reminders are there but something seems to be missing. My perspective of this season has changed throughout the years. What Christmas means do not change. I guess what changes is the meaning it brings into my life every year. I am always expectant. But I think I am going through a desert experience in my spiritual life.

There were really happy seasons past with the family complete. But there was also a season that my father had a stroke and we had to spend it at the hospital. There was also the time when I lost a loved one. Of course the "Merry Christmases" outnumber the more laid back ones. But there is always a constant. I always have this sense of hope in me. When it pours it is empowering than any other vitamin. I guess this is what I am kind of missing.

Hope is a blessing that I constantly receive throughout the years. An affirmation that whatever happens, I know in the darkest of times, that I have hope in my heart. Hope of good things to come. I am happily reminded that indeed that is what this season is about.

Advent from the Latin word
advenio, meaning "to come". (Wikipedia)