Monday, December 03, 2007


It is just 22 days before Christmas. I know that it is near but when the numbers hit me, I did not realize that it was that close. I did not go into panic mode. It just doesnt seem to be that time of the year. Well, all the usual reminders are there but something seems to be missing. My perspective of this season has changed throughout the years. What Christmas means do not change. I guess what changes is the meaning it brings into my life every year. I am always expectant. But I think I am going through a desert experience in my spiritual life.

There were really happy seasons past with the family complete. But there was also a season that my father had a stroke and we had to spend it at the hospital. There was also the time when I lost a loved one. Of course the "Merry Christmases" outnumber the more laid back ones. But there is always a constant. I always have this sense of hope in me. When it pours it is empowering than any other vitamin. I guess this is what I am kind of missing.

Hope is a blessing that I constantly receive throughout the years. An affirmation that whatever happens, I know in the darkest of times, that I have hope in my heart. Hope of good things to come. I am happily reminded that indeed that is what this season is about.

Advent from the Latin word
advenio, meaning "to come". (Wikipedia)


Pie said...

We always have to be reminded of HIS Love and His gift of HOPE. :) God bless sis!

Sidney said...

Advance Merry Christmas!