Wednesday, June 06, 2012

First Day of School

Today marked another rite of passage in the little girls life. Like all rites of passage it is bitter-sweet. Whether the ritual of our lives are public or private, it comes with it a sense of we-made-it, of fulfillment and of joy but with a sense of time flying pass right before us, leaving us looking back. Today, we found ourselves, the little girl and I, looking at old travel photos. Earlier today, we prepared things needed for the first day of school. The past weeks we were talking to school registrar, fitting uniforms, buying books, touring the big new school and ensuring safety with the school bus service. All these things made the little girl excited reading her books in advance, asking details about the school and even wearing her ID at home when we got it last week. Last night I was anxious and a bit worried that she will be on her own now. When I left the house everything was ready, gave her a bath, little pep talk, prepared her baon (snack), school bag. She was happy. We did some picture taking session before I left knowing all is well and taken cared of as we have been incrementally preparing for weeks now. Later, after school when I got home that I learned that she cried. Just before the school bus arrived, she buried her face in a pillow and cried said Manang. But eventually she got up and bravely went to school on her own for the first time in her life. I took photos of these moments. Like all rites of passage, I know this is a moment to be treasured. God bless you Isay! We love you very much.