Thursday, December 04, 2014

Traveling Solo to Higashiyama

On my way home after my solo adventures at Tsukiji Fish Market, I would be traveling alone to Nagoya via overnight JR bus from Tokyo JR Station. I am grateful for a good friend Uchida-san who helped me secure a seat on the bus. This will be my first ever solo trip in Japan on a long haul overnight bus. The whole time my mind was wandering I guess. Insights tend to visit me at these moments of solitude. Solo traveling can be good for your soul. The time alone provides much space to explore inward as well. Listening to your own thoughts. There were times during this trip that I was lost in transit for a moment or two trying to figure out what train to take, what station to change trains or where to go. The unfamiliar can get you lost and it forces your senses to think. It re-wires your mind. At these moments that I've felt I was alive that is why I love traveling. After the overnight bus ride, I arrived at Nagoya. It took me a while to orient myself. I willed myself to go to Higashiyama-koen this was the only day that I have a chance to experience autumn. I've been dreaming to see the changing of the leaves for as long as I can remember. I feel so blessed to be able to witness these colors of yellow, orange and reds. I walked slowly taking in the beauty of the trees. Memories of sunlight falling gently on the yellow leaves as I cross the small bridge. The Universe was so kind to let me have time to sit in that cottage where I wrote down a few verses. Thank God for the beauty of His creation.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Tsukiji Fish Market

Years ago I watched National Geographic take on Tsukiji Tuna Auction and I was amazed. Since then, Tsukiji was on my bucket list. The first time we were in Tokyo I was not able to go. This second attempt to go to the fish auction, I booked a hotel near the market and got up at 4am. My lolo of a receptionist said that I am late 4:10am I need to run to make it to the list of 120 people a day allowed to see the auction. Freezing cold and one wrong turn, I did not make it to the tuna auction because they opened at 3am that day. Sigh. But nonetheless, was able to do a photo documentation of the main Tsukiji market. Here are some of the hundred shots I took :) enjoy!

Sublime Kyoto

Indeed Kyoto is sublime. Kyoto is one of the most beautiful cities I've visited with the balance of technology and cultural heritage that is uniquely Japanese. One of my favorite walk is the one after visiting Kiyomizudera, we followed the Ninen-zaka path. It's like walking back in time.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

travels old and new

God has been very kind to my heart lately. I am amazed at the blessing He sends my way. Truly thankful for the big and small blessings. Time flies indeed months have past by like a breeze. I am very happy to share that once again on the same year we were able to visit Japan. After our family Spring adventures, I had the rare opportunity to visit again in autumn this year. We just got back last week. I have thousands of photos but of course can only share a few in this blog. This recent trip is my very first autumn season. I have long dreamed of witnessing the changing of the leaves from green to yellow to orange and red. I was blessed to visit Higashiyama-koen in Nagoya. I will be sharing photos both from our spring visit and my more recent adventures this autumn. So the coming post will be a mix of old and new. Our memories about life is a mix of past and present and sometimes of dreams. These thoughts and pondering will manifest in photos and short verses.