Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Tsukiji Fish Market

Years ago I watched National Geographic take on Tsukiji Tuna Auction and I was amazed. Since then, Tsukiji was on my bucket list. The first time we were in Tokyo I was not able to go. This second attempt to go to the fish auction, I booked a hotel near the market and got up at 4am. My lolo of a receptionist said that I am late 4:10am I need to run to make it to the list of 120 people a day allowed to see the auction. Freezing cold and one wrong turn, I did not make it to the tuna auction because they opened at 3am that day. Sigh. But nonetheless, was able to do a photo documentation of the main Tsukiji market. Here are some of the hundred shots I took :) enjoy!

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