Thursday, April 27, 2006


Malungkot, Masaya at Madrama ang araw na ito. Hindi ko na sana sasabihin pa ang mga detalye, saka na lang siguro, Pero naisip ko lang iblog kanina ang lahat ng sama ng loob ko sa maraming bagay, maliliit lang naman pero parang pag dumami na. Yun na.

Tanong ko nga kay God pano pa ko matututo ng "patience"? At sa isa na namang hindi inaasahan na pag kakataon sinagot Nya ako sa kakaibang paraan.

Dumaan dito isang kaibigan sa bahay at dahil sa kwentuhan, naalala ko ang Bakwit! isang documentary ng mga bata sa Mindanao. Matapos ko mapanood muli ang istorya ng buhay nila...napahiya na lang ako sa sarili ko... walang kwenta ang mga pinagbubuhusan ko ng sama ng loob kumpara sa dinadanas nila. Tinuruan ako ng Panginoon uli at ito ang maliwanag na inawit Nya sa akin... sobra akong naluha (uli) at nabuhayan ng loob. Salamat po.

Inawit ng isang batang muslim sa Maguindanao...

Isang Lahi

Kung ang tinig mo`y
Di naririnig
Ano nga bang halaga
Ng buhay sa daigdig
Darating ba ang isa ngayon
At magbabago ang panahon
Kung ang bawat pagdaing
Ay laging pabulong

Aanhin ko pa, Dito sa mundo
Ang mga matang nakikita`y Di totoo
May ngiti't luha ang likuran
At paglayang tanong ay kailan
Bakit di natin isabog ang pagmamahal

Sundan mo nang tanaw ang buhay
Mundo ay punan mo ng saya gawing makulay
Iisa lang ang ating lahi,
Iisa lang ang ating lipi
Bakit di pagmamahal ang ialay mo
Pang-unawang tunay ang sadyang nais ko
Ang pag-damay sa kapwa`y
nandiyan sa palad mo

Di ba't ang gabi ay may wakas
Pagkatapos ng dilim ay may liwanag
Araw ay agad na sisikat
Iilawan ang ating landas
Nang magkaisa bawat nating pangarap
(Ulitin ang Koro dalawang beses)

sa palad mo......

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Miyka'ela Luwalhati

Mabuhay! at mainit na pagbati mula sa Pilipinas para sa inyo Aimee, Joseph and Gabriel.
Aimee (a really good friend living in the East Coast) gave birth to a glorious little baby girl last April 21st US time. More info here.

Maligayang pagdating Miyka'ela Luwalhati--- the name says it all "glorious" marked by great beauty or splendor : Manificent! indeed Luwalhati!

Aimee, Joseph and Gabriel we are really happy for you all and Miyka! we are sending our warm tropical love from the Philippine Islands.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Your life depends on your guide

Eight Below. I really did not expect at first that this movie would be really good.

My first motivation was "ang init.. manood kaya ng malamig na movie" ...ang babaw ng rason pero the movie exceeded my expectations.

Ang galing ng cinematography dahil Antarctica ang location and the screen shots ay ang galing. Really worth to see on a wide screen. And of course it made me really excited as New Zealand was also mentioned in the film and it reminded me of the time I went to Mt. Ruapehu there.

The story is about "how you care for your friends" and it is not a corny Disney film about huskies. I was amazed how realistic the drama unfolded-- the characters of Maya and Max stood out being the the "alpha dogs". It helped me relate a lot to the film because I work within the environmental conservation circle. I love the outdoors being a mountaineer as well. The movie showed that understanding these other "beings" who also inhabit our planet can be a beautiful story where we can draw lessons of love, friendship, survival and making choices.

Mapapahiya ka minsan yung hayop mas maayos pa ang asal kaysa sa tao.

For those who hire guides to the mountains or expeditions-- this movie serves as a lesson on guideship and how to treat your guide whom your life depends on.

Watch it and brace yourself for an adventure with a heart.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Salamat sa gifts

Last few days we received gifts for baby. One is a mobile from Ina and Isabel when they visited us last Friday for dinner. Ina bought the unique mobile from her recent trip to Vietnam a week or two ago.

Saturday Carina and Elnora dropped by the house to give the "pasalubong" from Aimee (our friend based in NYC). Baby got her first complete set of medic kit complete with digital thermometer, pantangal-ng-sipon, graduated spoon and other useful things all in a portable zip up kit.

Mayang almost a month ago sent her old maternity clothes (via balikbayan box)for me as well which is a great help since now I cannot fit into any of my clothes anymore. Mayang was one of the first to give baby gifts. She gave two very full bags of brand new things for baby last January.

I did not realize until yesterday that there are so many things that a new born needs. We are preparing slowly for most of them. Thank God for all the provisions He is sending our way.

Easter people

"Behold I Make All Things New" (Rev. 21:5)

Because of His great love for us, with His act of obedience to the Father's will, Jesus makes all things new for us. Believe that there is hope because He gave us hope and forgiveness.

I pray that we will always be Easter people who believe in the glory of His resurrection.

Good Friday in Cubao

Last Friday Amats and I spent a Lenten retreat at Araneta Colesium. Our parish Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish (IHMP aka Claret church) announced that there will be an open lenten recollection. The past week there were many activities we could have attended and participated in but given my very pregnant state, we had to choose only one.

I prepared myself as in braced myself internally to expect a melancholy mood that friday morning. I expected that the topic will center on the seven last words. I guess I expected myself to be immersed with a "mourning" kind of mood.

The streets of Cubao was almost bare. No activity. Shops closed. Few cars and jeeps. But when we entered Araneta, with our patron ticket seats, we were amazed at the number of people most of them from the parishes around QC.

We arrived at the Araneta with the last scene of the play depicting the mission of San Lorenzo Ruiz. Then after this was an energetic praise song that brought me back to World Youth Day of 1995. There was an upbeat mood that I did not expect. Then the speaker for the day Bishop Bacani started his talk. The talk centered on God's love.

The audience was the masses and he was able to sustain the energy in his talk in this huge venue with stories that people can directly relate to. I believe that that was the beauty of how the message cut through these people young and old alike.

He shared a particular fictional story about his pet pig. He learned that his beloved pet is dying and he prayed to God to please save them. Then God answered him, I will save the pig with one condition, you have to be a pig yourself and when the fiesta of parish of immaculate--- and he stopped the story there. He decided ok let the pigs die then.

On a very light note, Bishop Bacani asked "how far is the distance of being God and becoming human?" and because God the Father loves us so that He gave His only son to save us from our sins. I guess many resistant hearts were touched one way or the other once again with a simple story yet the power of the message of love is palpable and real.

It was an enriching experience to be with people not just your age, beside me was an old woman who looked like my lola and I was reminded of the time that my own lola Abeng brought me to Alaminos church. Around me were children of all ages listening as well. I was energized that day. I went home not in a "mood" but I went home with a heart filled with His love.

Monday, April 10, 2006

He came to serve

Palm Sunday reminded me of some basic virtues, principles that I believe in. I now realize that even if you've of heard the story for many times the power of the message does not diminish with the passage of time.

Here was a man who "did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life for many." ( Mark 10:45).

I was moved when I read the same passage in the column of Randy David last Sunday. It made me reflect that at that time Jesus was viewed as a political figure in Israel. But He spoke of a larger vision--of God's Kingdom. I qoute Randy's Public Lives-- He detested the empty piety of people who claim to have faith but do not practice it in their lives. He was a true subversive. His framework was not the political framework of the day. His vision went beyond of those who speak for Israel.

This made me reflect on my personal life, about my climbing org's current situation, about the principles I believe in and what is happening to our country today. Indeed it is a week of reflection.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I've seen further

Sort of advance acknowledgment: I thank God for the work He has blessed me with. I am fortunate to work for a cause I believe in. Im thankful as well for the friends and colleagues that I work with in the environmental NGO world. Now that I am in my final stages of my SP my thesis in MENRM, I get by with a little help from my friends--my boss sent me this which inspired me to go on forward and finish what I started.

As Sir Isaac Newton wrote in 1675, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"

Newton's apple tree, Trinity College, Cambridge, England, photo

Aspire to the Highest

Been balancing my life now with not just the technical papers I need to read up for my presentation this coming Saturday but also with my readings from Blessed Expectations from Judy Ford here are some that I want to share:

"Having a baby is a rite of passage. It's a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey that marks a turning point in your life. A baby comes into the world a fresh and innocent spirit. You're the one chosen to nurture, protect and guide her through her childhood. You're entrusted to care for her soul. There is no better opportunity than parenting to put your spirituality into action.

When your body aches and you're impatient, stop for a moment and let God into the struggle. With grace protecting you daily, you know that God is near. In these fast paced, hurry-up days, that's a windfall worth receiving."

I took note of these words of affirmation to renew my spirit, when I am weary and tired, when I feel left out of the things I want to do, when I want to help but I can't, when most of the things I use to do now take the sidelines, when my back aches, when it is too hot, when I am afraid to catch a cold and that baby might be affected. I pause and read these words again.

Spending time with kindred spirits

About a week ago, Lex and Honey spent some time here at the house just to talk and catch up. Amats and I were really happy to be able to spend time with these friends who openly share their lives. I am honored that they trust us so by generously baring their aspirations also being candid about almost anything under the sun. I can spend hours just chatting away with them. While munching on belgian chocolates, kfc, and cookies, we realized that it is a year of possibilities for all of us.

I love Weddings

Two sundays ago, we attended a wedding of good friends Ryan and Cherry. I love attending weddings as I always feel excited dressing up and looking forward to see the bride at her most beautiful. Anticipating to meet common friends, brothers and sisters.

Weddings are always a celebration. A new start and a blessing. Being able to witness this particular wedding came as an affirmation for me of our own. It was like being reminded of a time that you made the same vows to each other--for richer or for poor, in sickness and in health--- they also made personal vows to each other. Once again after almost two years it was a joy to be reminded.

Smiles that truly come from the heart as you can see in these images.

Congratulations Ryan and Cherry! May God bless indeed your new life together.