Saturday, April 22, 2006

Your life depends on your guide

Eight Below. I really did not expect at first that this movie would be really good.

My first motivation was "ang init.. manood kaya ng malamig na movie" ...ang babaw ng rason pero the movie exceeded my expectations.

Ang galing ng cinematography dahil Antarctica ang location and the screen shots ay ang galing. Really worth to see on a wide screen. And of course it made me really excited as New Zealand was also mentioned in the film and it reminded me of the time I went to Mt. Ruapehu there.

The story is about "how you care for your friends" and it is not a corny Disney film about huskies. I was amazed how realistic the drama unfolded-- the characters of Maya and Max stood out being the the "alpha dogs". It helped me relate a lot to the film because I work within the environmental conservation circle. I love the outdoors being a mountaineer as well. The movie showed that understanding these other "beings" who also inhabit our planet can be a beautiful story where we can draw lessons of love, friendship, survival and making choices.

Mapapahiya ka minsan yung hayop mas maayos pa ang asal kaysa sa tao.

For those who hire guides to the mountains or expeditions-- this movie serves as a lesson on guideship and how to treat your guide whom your life depends on.

Watch it and brace yourself for an adventure with a heart.

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