Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cycling a way of life

Finally did it! Rode my bicycle to work on my own! I've done it before for an experiment for about a week for my no impact experiment. But at that time, I am always with the hubby leading the way and acting as my own personal marshal. Why? Because there are no bike lanes in metro Manila not mention that the streets are one of the most unforgiving and chaotic...just to give context why it is a big deal for me. At that time am also a bit pressured to keep up vs just keeping my own easy pace.. Yesterday I was on my own. I had an early meeting and the car was coding. The best time to ride my bike to work. Every wednesday, I would be abit lethargic to move my arse out the door...but yesterday was different. Felt more alive as always when preping to ride out I am always excited. It was good ride to work. Its has defined a way of life. That cycling is not just for fun, but it is and can be a way of life if you choose it to be. Happy.