Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One word

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love. ~Sophocles (496-406 BC) Greek Playwright

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bicycle Diaries

Heaven On Earth

To love is great. To be loved is wonderful. But to be loved by the person we love is #HeavenOnEarth. (Paulo Coelho). I cannot even begin to describe how these words struck a chord within me and was inspired each time I read through them. These words have such power and presence. Makes me treasure the love that I have in my heart. We do what we do for many reason. Most of the things we do and act upon is because of our loves. It would be indeed heaven on earth to be mindful and kind rather than...I have to remind myself of these each day. To choose to be loving kahit ano pa man.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

critical mass ride today

Today I had a long bike ride route around metro manila. There were several first things I did today. Biked on EDSA from Boni Serrano to Anapolis. Passed by Quiapo bridge again almost on full speed without a scratch yey! thank God for keeping me safe. I think and I feel its about 40 km. Not even the tour day. Had to breakaway from peloton going home and its just 6 of us...then became 3 then 2. Passed by Araneta underpass at full speed to catch up with the guys. My heart was pumping and had to summon enough courage to do this without the peloton. I felt the power of gravity pushing me forward as I intermittenty feather break. Felt the power of the vehicles swish by me. Staying close to the wall. Focused on my path...bit worried of the road condition. And it seems like forever that underpass. Upon exiting, I was awashed with relief to see the street level again. In my mind...pedal, pedal, pedal and it seems like my leg has a mind of its own. But had to pace myself and we had to take a few minutes break. My legs haven't seen this kind of action in months wahaha. In pain but a good kind of pain, knowing that I did something and finished it...even though I almost chickened out. Had a great weekend and then some :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

liberated streets

The rest of the country do not have work today. But we have work. Among the family members am the only one who has work today. No not really complaining because I was able to get things done today and I did not do anythig that I don't like or feel forced. The good eh scratch that, the best thing about today is that there was no traffic going towork, I was literally flying compared to my daily drive. And the drive home was a blast also below 20 minutes...if not for the downpour midway going home...I could have gone faster.Such a liberating experience holiday traffic means no traffic. Small blessings that are great. Oh well as for the little things that get to me...well that would be a topic for another post. Love writing these rants. :)

messy heart

A whole heart is a messy heart and if I may add is a happy heart. Another nugget of wisdom I picked up from my readings this morning. There is so much on my mind. There are so many thigs I want to do. I guess these makes up the messy random thoughts. Things I love arealways on my mind. Traveling, my photography, my little one and not so little one :) the loves of my life. I believe people are blessed with big hearts. The only limiting boundry is our own thoughts. I believe my family and I are blessed with big messy hearts. The loves of my life keep me centered. excited for the many "projects" in mind. Top of the list cycling adventures, travel father than we have traveled before, and more ways of being able to serve. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

a new age

After many years of blogging...happy now that I can directly blog from our mobile device. This is my second post using the tablet. Amazed at the technology. Now I really do not have to literally go up and open the pc or laptop to blog. Yey! Imagine what it would be like in the future. Posibilities are endless. Now I can take notes while still half asleep. Exciting thing is I can travel and write on the go. Or still in bed and my pjs.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

view from the dark side

Realized that indeed anger is from the dark side. It consumes ones positive energy overpowering reason to a fault. Now that I am able to write about this...there is some sense of sanity. The residual feeling is sadness to be unable to control your own emotions. I guess that is why there are anger management options. But how do you manage that moment that feeds the dark side. In Filipino we have a sayin:"nagdilim ang paningin ko." Literaly means the darknesshas taken over your vision. It is not a good place to be. Another life lesson to always choose the light...choose to wait it out...just not hang on to that not feed it...keep calm... there is so much wisdom in those words.The lesson yesterday...drift. wait for the positive energy that is your default...the goodness in be kind than to be right. Such a lesson in humility and patience.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Beethoven yan Nanay

I was watching a video which I posted on my FB wall earlier tonight. Just before bed time and then called the little girl to watch and listen with me. Its a flash mob somewhere in Europe... a little girl gave a coin to a street performer who had a cello...later join in by a full orchestra and the music is so familiar and an eternal beauty ...can't say what it was... and the little girl got really excited-- it's Beethoven Nanay-- I heard it from the Little Einsteins.

over the rainbow

During one of our recent trip to Coron, while on the plane the little girl and I saw a rainbow. She said look we are over the rainbow. I took a photo of that -- I will post later. Brought me much joy. Here are the photos.

Mountain Dew

I can still remember that bliss from taking that first sip of Mountain Dew. I was very young then and saved a few day's worth of snack money to afford the new drink in town. Simple things makes me happy. Like... seeing a rainbow...kissing my little girl and smelling her hair...the anticipation of traveling...traveling...taking photos...staring at them...sipping my favorite drink (which have changed over the years by the way)

Lunch talk

Yesterday we were eating at lunch and got to sharing our childhood hardships. My constant lunchmate said that when she was young her baon was just 25 cents- peso cent. I shared the times that I had to walk a few kilometers just to get to school. We are now just thankful that we are blessed, but still mindful to share these blessings and to still live simply. We got to talk about how each one of us have our own challenges in life. One can never understand what people are going through in each of our lives. So let us just be kind to each other.

Put your Arse where your heart is

Tonight I got the message loud and clear that if you really want to do something you love. You have to put yourself right there where your heart is most blissful. Where your happiness is. Got the message from Oprah and Stephen Pressfield. I did not believe it because they just said it, but because it is. Just is the truth. You know when you hear something that feels right. If you want to be a writer put yourself there in front of the key board-- and here I am. Not because I want to be a writer but for the longest time I wanted to blog about stuff. Big and small stuff happening. Mainly to ignore the craziness and centering on what really matters. Been promising myself to share my happiness. I am happy. Little things makes me happy. Acts of kindness makes me happy. Just knowing makes me happy. Little stuff like receiving the message I got tonight got me here and writing. Amazing that you are even reading this =) I am happy that even just one person reads this. Yes I turned off the commenting a long time ago. Sorry just my own rants and raves please. I am happy being able to get that photograph of people doing things they love...people doing very ordinary things, rare moments that will not happen again. So I am happy behind the camera. Love looking at pictures. Love there I will put my arse where my heart is <3