Thursday, October 03, 2013

Put your Arse where your heart is

Tonight I got the message loud and clear that if you really want to do something you love. You have to put yourself right there where your heart is most blissful. Where your happiness is. Got the message from Oprah and Stephen Pressfield. I did not believe it because they just said it, but because it is. Just is the truth. You know when you hear something that feels right. If you want to be a writer put yourself there in front of the key board-- and here I am. Not because I want to be a writer but for the longest time I wanted to blog about stuff. Big and small stuff happening. Mainly to ignore the craziness and centering on what really matters. Been promising myself to share my happiness. I am happy. Little things makes me happy. Acts of kindness makes me happy. Just knowing makes me happy. Little stuff like receiving the message I got tonight got me here and writing. Amazing that you are even reading this =) I am happy that even just one person reads this. Yes I turned off the commenting a long time ago. Sorry just my own rants and raves please. I am happy being able to get that photograph of people doing things they love...people doing very ordinary things, rare moments that will not happen again. So I am happy behind the camera. Love looking at pictures. Love there I will put my arse where my heart is <3

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