Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Matulid River System

These are old photographs of Matulid River. Photos by Carlos Primo "CP" David son of Randy David. This river trek was during the November 1996 APEC summit in Subic which gave the group the needed one week vacation to explore the river system.

This is one of the most beautiful river exploration I've experienced. Albeit my fear of the water at that time that did not stop me from joining this trip. I wasn't a certified scuba diver yet in those early years. It was only in 1999 that I got my PADI certification for open water.

I still distinctly remember that I forgot to remove my boots on my first jump to the water over my excitement at riding my backpack. It was heavy as it filled with water. It is best to wear water sandals. Buy the good branded ones because the possibility of it being torn is high. All the things inside the packs are wrapped in plastic. Plastic containers empty ones inside serve as floaters hahaha.

There were portions with lot of eddies to watch out for otherwise you will be stuck. I had this constant fear that there will be a waterfall ahead. Rapids here and there which gave my biceps a huge purple color a few days after.

It was there at camp one night beside the river just at the bend before mahabang lalim that I saw the huge full moon. Unforgetable indeed.

You would notice that the photos seemed faded and flaked in some parts. I guess blogging prompted me to dig up all the old photos and scan them all one at a time to preserve these moments. Now that I am doing so, it also gives me a chance to remember and share.

I love the outdoors, I miss it already as I spend more time now in Manila. The heat of summer makes me think more about plunging in a river or diving soon again in the ocean. Sigh.

Note: for those wanting to explore Matulid many ITs are available on the web. Click here for a sample.

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Thank you also for sharing your story about that river in Subic when you were younger. This post was inspired by that! Salamat po!

God bless!