Friday, May 11, 2007

Lost and Found

During our recent trip to Baguio, we took the express Victory bus at 11:20PM. The bus doesn't have stop overs and have it's own cr. We took turns in carrying baby. There was a time I told Tatay if he can get the strap of my Kabayan travel pouch as it gets tangled with the baby carrier. A few hours later, we arrive in the small hours, I think it was just after 4am. In the rush of disembarking from the bus, I didn't notice anything amiss.

But the moi that is always on the look out for gears (even half asleep)
I noticed a man with a TNF sleeveless fleece. I also noted that there were climbers that look like they are preparing for Mt Pulag. Then with baby in hand, and many abubots and half asleep we were able to go pnky without much hassel. We were able to sleep well.

Later after breakfast I realized that my Kabayan pouch was missing. It has my 2600 mobile phone (not much, but my contacts in my SIM have no back up), my coin purse with all my cash money 200 peso bill and coins, then my Sagada wallet card carrier with my SSS, credit cards, atm cards and my open water PADI C-card. I was stressed out to say the least. I asked Tatay several times and commented that I thought he had it with him all this time. Well, we called the Victory Liner and left our details about the lost pouch.

I asked our logistics person Nine, if she can help us follow up the bus line. She made a comment "Ano ka ba naman Day! Lagi ka na lang nawawalan ng telepono tuwing biyahe natin" (I lost my other phone on our way to El Nido circa 2005 in the ferryboat while I was sleeping, I had it my hand then when I woke up it is gone).. and goes on to say "Sayang! sana sa akin mo na lang binigay." Then I told her, "Naku Nine, kapag bumalik yung cell phone ko, sa iyo na iyon".

Then a few hours later, Tatay came back to say that he was able to contact the Victory liner staff and they found the pouch. Thank God indeed! Thank you very much to the staff of Victory Liner Baguio, the express bus. I never did get to thank them personally for returning my things. I got back my phone, C-card, and I didn't have to block my cards and lo and behold, all the 200 pesos! I want to thank them here and be remembered for the honesty and good service. Mabuhay po kayo!

Now, the phone in principle is no longer mine, as I promised Nine that I will give it to her if it comes back. I told her once I get a replacement and copied all the phone memory I will give it to her. A week or two passed and I am still amazed that the phone came back. I was thinking that maybe I should keep it because it returned to me. But eventually I bought an inexpensive phone that contains all that I needed within my budget-- a 3220. A triband phone is all that I needed in a phone because I need to be roaming when I travel. The 2600 is now with Nine albeit it being scratched in some parts and dysfunctional during some calls. It served me well. Thank you 2600.

Lost and found, there are many things that I've lost along the way. There are things that found its way back to me, while some are already blurred in memory. It is always good to remember. People and places, events and things. And then some. (sigh)


Sidney said...

You were lucky ! Good the staff at Victory Liner were honest people!

Senor Enrique said...

Very lucky you were, Daisy! Kudos to Victory Liner!

But most especially, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Daisy said...

Hi Sidney,

Yes thanks to the honesty of the people at Victory.

When I was in Australia in 2005, I lost a backpack with my toshiba laptop, canon a70, usb, etc. at Sydney Airport Train Station i was just in transit going back to Phil. after two month search, follow up with lost and found and with the help of alot of kind souls--during a trip to Melbourne few months after, I was able to get it all back. It was a miracle indeed! it is amazing...

Daisy said...

Dear Senor Enrique,

Thank you po! This is indeed my very first Mother's Day :) I received so many blessings indeed.

Wagi po ang mga taga Victory! Galeng :)