Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

We all have our passion, our love and our dreams. I guess we all have an inner child who would just love to go out there and play. To live, to  explore, to discover. There is always the great outdoors waiting for us and it is there for the taking. All we have to do is to take that step.

I love photography and here a conversation between Sean and Walter (of  not taking that photo of the snow leopard) captures the exact feeling I cannot describe before:   Moments that I truly love and cherish, even with a camera on hand, I opt not to take the photo. I will say to myself--this one is for the memory. Up to now, I can still remember those moments and go back there and be replenished with joy and love.

of the time that I was alone exploring Nepal my first ever international flight... or just walking the streets of New York... of the time that we took a 5 day trip on a fishing vessel Poseidon going to Tawi tawi... of the time that we were walking on melting snow on Mt. Ruapehu in New Zealand... of the time we were climbing Mt. Pinatubo with the little girl... of the time that I was resting from riding my bike while watching other cyclist go by... of sunrises... and of sunsets... May you share many of these memories with your loved ones.

I rarely share videos here on my blog but for the record and those that haven't seen the movie may have a glimpse.


myGloryBox said...

Keep writing, Day. You have a gift. And oh so many stories to tell. LOVE! - Cha

Naomi said...

I really love your blog ♥

Cheaper-Vitamins said...

Nice Blog! Gonna check the movie, havent seen yet. Thank you! FEEL free to check and comment my blog: http://cheaper-vitamins.blogspot.com/

Daisy said...

Thank you very much Naomi for visiting my blog :) I should really be writing more and posting more. Thank you for readers like you that inspire me as well to continue on. Cheers!

Daisy said...

Thank you very much Cha. You are really one of my inspiration to continue writing. Thank you thank you for the encouragement. I am very much inspired by the stories that you share being a mom, a special and super mom doing the things you love and doing it often. Hugs! I love you Cha! <3