Saturday, October 06, 2007


I used to work for WWF Philippines. In 1997, even before I joined the organization, I was able to visit a very beautiful bucolic island--Sibuyan Island. We were supposed to climb Mr Guiting Guiting at that time, but due to limited time, we just explored the coastal area and foothills of the island. It was a long holiday at that time. Holy week was a time when all of the people in the Philippines seems to be on the move. Traveling to the provinces, the buses and the boats were full. At that time, we missed our boat ride at Pier 8. Then, we had to take an alternate route from Lucena and take that small wooden boat for the 12 hours boat ride.

Early morning, as the "lantsa" our wooden passenger boat approach the island, you would be greeted by the huge Mt. Guiting guiting. The scissor like summit looks like multiple peaks along the high ridge of the north face of the mountain. Scissors in the vernacular is gunting and the summit looks like a blade of a huge pinking scissor dominating the skyline of the island. It seems from a distance that the whole island is the mountain. But we discovered more of the hidden beauty of Sibuyan.

We camped at "lambingan" falls and stayed there for a few days. Buying our fish in a nearby village when some children go around selling a fish or two caught by their father. Ancient magrove trees grow along the coast. The unpaved road adds to the bucolic scene. We met some friends ( a topic for a future post) along the way. We also visited a huge waterfall on the other side of the island. I will be posting some of these soon.

After a few years, I was able to visit the island again as WWF staff. Also invited friends to come visit and we explored Cantingas river. Where I jumped from a rock that seemed 3 storeys high unto the river with its clean and crystal waters. I didn't close my eyes when I jumped and in an instant during the "fall" the whole scenery seemed to be scratched by a giant until I felt the splash of cold river water! it was a treasured memory.

Years passed and I wasn't able to visit the island again. I have close friends who were the leaders of conservation program in Sibuyan.

Yesterday, I was shocked to read an article on the recent events in Sibuyan, which I posted in my other blog the green journal.


Sidney said...

I think the link to your green journal is not working! (Page not found!)
Anyway, lets hope nothing bad happened to Sibuyan.

Daisy said...

Hi Sidney

Thanks for visiting. I will check the link and see what I can do about it.

Also, if you are still interested you can link at the side bar The Green Journal.

I am sad to say that something did.

Anonymous said...

Sis! thanks for your leaving a comment in my blog.. here's my reply:

"Wow! (goosebumps.)

God is indeed soooo ... (out of words.) .. a God who delivers, a Father who loves!

Salamat sis for your message. It has touched me.. :)"

Thank you sis.. :)

Senor Enrique said...

I had just read your Green Journal. What a tragic incident. I feel bad for the Sibuyanons.

Daisy said...

Dear Senor Enrique,

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading the Green Journal. Indeed it is a sad event. I was a bit down the past week. But I guess things happen for a reason.

Daisy said...

Posted by: "Ignacio G. Sayajon III"
Mon Oct 8, 2007 6:11 pm (PST)


hindi ko man kilala si Armin pero sa isang tao na nakapunta na sa
Sibuyan, nakaakyat ng Guiting, nakaranas ng init ng pagtanggap ng mga
tao doon, nakakagalit ang nangyari. hindi ko man siya kilala,
ipagdasal ko na ang buhay na isinugal niya, magbibigay-buhay sana sa
mga natutulog na mga Sibuyanon na magkaisa para sa kinabukasan nila.
Kung may Macliing ang mga Kalinga, may Armin ngayon ang mga Sibuyanon.




Dear Shyo,

Thank you for your message! We miss you bro! see you soon!