Thursday, October 30, 2014


Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto Japan

An amazing colossal ancient structure in Kyoto is Kiyomizu-dera. There is not a single nail used in the entire structure. It takes its name from the waterfall within the complex, which runs off the nearby hills. Kiyomizu means clear water, or pure water.
Otowa-no-taki, the waterfall where visitors drink for health, longevity, and success in studies

Nijo Castle

The very first place we visited in Kyoto is the Nijo Castle. After almost half day train ride from Osaka we arrived in Kyoto mid-afternoon. It was alternately drizzling and raining at the time of our visit. While we were preparing to go to Japan, a good friend Joanna recommended that we definitely visit Nijo-jo. When she mentioned that the wooden castle floors were built to squeak, interest were. We later discovered that the floors were called nightingale floors.
Nijo Castle is a World Heritage Landmark

Bicycles of Osaka

One of the many amazing things in Japan is how the bicycle is indeed a way of life. It is something that they naturally tend to opt for instead of having a car. Having a baby or child including loads of stuff doesn't stop a mom from using her bicycle. Individual fashion sense is not lost when riding their bikes...super love the girl with the umbrella. Enjoy some of my favorite images.

Karuizawa Cherry Blossom Adventures

The family went on to an adventure in Japan during the cherry blossom season early this year. We were happily surprised that unknowingly, we booked our cheap tickets to Japan during the Golden Week Celebration where there is a long series of holidays in Japan. We did not get to see the full bloom because it was late in April. But our trip will not be complete without experiencing the hanami. Thanks to the kindness of Japanese friends who know, our adventure led us to Karuizawa. A beautiful, beautiful place considered a place where poets retreat. These moments are well spring of good memories. I love that I was able to experience these moments with the hubby and the little girl. Below are some of my favorite cherry blossom images.

A new beginning

It has been a while since I posted photos in this blog and my other blog. Today, hopefully will be the beginning of another series of sharing thoughts and travels. My last post was around the early months of 2014. Many things happened in the past months. The pace was sometimes at a speed that I have to switch on survival mode which leaves nothing to pondering and creative process of any kind. I have tons of photos that I've been wanting to share as I have some travel stories I've written months back but still there in the folder of drafts still brewing and waiting. And now in the wee hours of the morning I just had to write and for posterity put up these photos.