Sunday, October 13, 2013

view from the dark side

Realized that indeed anger is from the dark side. It consumes ones positive energy overpowering reason to a fault. Now that I am able to write about this...there is some sense of sanity. The residual feeling is sadness to be unable to control your own emotions. I guess that is why there are anger management options. But how do you manage that moment that feeds the dark side. In Filipino we have a sayin:"nagdilim ang paningin ko." Literaly means the darknesshas taken over your vision. It is not a good place to be. Another life lesson to always choose the light...choose to wait it out...just not hang on to that not feed it...keep calm... there is so much wisdom in those words.The lesson yesterday...drift. wait for the positive energy that is your default...the goodness in be kind than to be right. Such a lesson in humility and patience.

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