Sunday, October 20, 2013

critical mass ride today

Today I had a long bike ride route around metro manila. There were several first things I did today. Biked on EDSA from Boni Serrano to Anapolis. Passed by Quiapo bridge again almost on full speed without a scratch yey! thank God for keeping me safe. I think and I feel its about 40 km. Not even the tour day. Had to breakaway from peloton going home and its just 6 of us...then became 3 then 2. Passed by Araneta underpass at full speed to catch up with the guys. My heart was pumping and had to summon enough courage to do this without the peloton. I felt the power of gravity pushing me forward as I intermittenty feather break. Felt the power of the vehicles swish by me. Staying close to the wall. Focused on my path...bit worried of the road condition. And it seems like forever that underpass. Upon exiting, I was awashed with relief to see the street level again. In my mind...pedal, pedal, pedal and it seems like my leg has a mind of its own. But had to pace myself and we had to take a few minutes break. My legs haven't seen this kind of action in months wahaha. In pain but a good kind of pain, knowing that I did something and finished it...even though I almost chickened out. Had a great weekend and then some :)

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