Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Aspire to the Highest

Been balancing my life now with not just the technical papers I need to read up for my presentation this coming Saturday but also with my readings from Blessed Expectations from Judy Ford here are some that I want to share:

"Having a baby is a rite of passage. It's a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey that marks a turning point in your life. A baby comes into the world a fresh and innocent spirit. You're the one chosen to nurture, protect and guide her through her childhood. You're entrusted to care for her soul. There is no better opportunity than parenting to put your spirituality into action.

When your body aches and you're impatient, stop for a moment and let God into the struggle. With grace protecting you daily, you know that God is near. In these fast paced, hurry-up days, that's a windfall worth receiving."

I took note of these words of affirmation to renew my spirit, when I am weary and tired, when I feel left out of the things I want to do, when I want to help but I can't, when most of the things I use to do now take the sidelines, when my back aches, when it is too hot, when I am afraid to catch a cold and that baby might be affected. I pause and read these words again.


dada said...

Dearest Daisy,

I'm sending you all the positive vibes for your presentation. And huge huge THANKS for the book you so thoughtfully sent. I was just telling my friends here that it was the first and perfect present I received for my birthday. all the right combo for me no?--buddhist, feminist, relationship self-help! indeed. i'm excited to hear more about your journeys. i'm also agonizing about my thesis. jeezus, i'm scared of all these chapters.

love, dada

Daisy said...

Hi Dada,

I am happy you like the book! recently i was inspired to pick up books that would remind me of places I've been --but when I started reading it Ha! this is for Dada.

thanks for the well wishes! Wow I will soon have a friend na graduate ng Yale!

I remember us (dating dugyot) before climbing mountains exploring even further!