Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spending time with kindred spirits

About a week ago, Lex and Honey spent some time here at the house just to talk and catch up. Amats and I were really happy to be able to spend time with these friends who openly share their lives. I am honored that they trust us so by generously baring their aspirations also being candid about almost anything under the sun. I can spend hours just chatting away with them. While munching on belgian chocolates, kfc, and cookies, we realized that it is a year of possibilities for all of us.


lex said...

the possibilities that are bestowed to us are amazing -- indeed we are all blessed.

thanks for that great evening, day! it never fails that i have good conversations with you and amats. sa uulitin!

Honey Oliveros said...

And thanks for always opening your home and your hearts, even when I come over looking - and smelling - a little too worse for wear! You two are truly such wonderful blessings in my life; I thank God for having you in it!! See you soon, take care dearest sistah. :-)