Wednesday, December 03, 2014

travels old and new

God has been very kind to my heart lately. I am amazed at the blessing He sends my way. Truly thankful for the big and small blessings. Time flies indeed months have past by like a breeze. I am very happy to share that once again on the same year we were able to visit Japan. After our family Spring adventures, I had the rare opportunity to visit again in autumn this year. We just got back last week. I have thousands of photos but of course can only share a few in this blog. This recent trip is my very first autumn season. I have long dreamed of witnessing the changing of the leaves from green to yellow to orange and red. I was blessed to visit Higashiyama-koen in Nagoya. I will be sharing photos both from our spring visit and my more recent adventures this autumn. So the coming post will be a mix of old and new. Our memories about life is a mix of past and present and sometimes of dreams. These thoughts and pondering will manifest in photos and short verses.

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