Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Godspeed Osaka Sunday

Day 2 First thing on the agenda is to go to church. Every chance I get to go to church in a different country I make it a point to go and attend the mass service in a foreign land. I distinctly remember the time in Fiji and in Madang Papua New Guinea. This time it is Osaka Japan. For this long 12 day trip a blessing for the travel to keep the family safe. The wind was crisp that spring morning. I had to secure the pashmina around my neck to keep warm. We plotted the way in google map and asked around for directions. Kind policemen trying to speak to us in Japanese and all I can say is Hai Hai and Arigato. Generating funny looks from the daily pedestrian. After a few turns and admiring the men and women in bicycles. We found the church and and fellow Filipinos as the choir and lectors...even one of the songs have Filipino lyrics infused into the English song. All the new people were made to stand up and introduce themselves to the community. After mass we met Sonny, he helped us with a few tips going to Osaka-jo and then he generously offered to take our first family photo. Such a blessing to be witness to this community. We walked back to the station and found our way to Osaka-jo where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

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