Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Hearton Osaka Japan

We arrived one full hour later than expected, we went out the arrival area excited despite the bumpy plane ride. After changing some dollars into yen, we made a beeline to the information kiosk and noted that there are no more buses going to the city. Finding our way to the train station at the Kansai airport was a breeze but the task of decoding the trains system and the ticket dispenser was like a puzzle to our weary traveler eyes. Hoping to get directions on "how-to" Amats fell in line at the JR office while I stood beside the ticket machines and eventually figured out how to operate it. Ha! One code cracked! We got into the train which chugged its way to Osaka and from the map I have in hand the nearest station is Fukushima near Hearton Hotel. We got off the station and since it is around 10:30PM we decided to take a cab to the hotel anyway it is near. Cab drivers are very courteous in their suits and clean cars with receipts. It was a short ride and we approach the hotel...until Amats said "Nanay Hilton ito" (This is Hilton). Oh I said to the driver ... we are going to Hearton (which I pronounced Hear-ton) showing him the map of the booking and then the driver was kind to stop the meter while calling his office trying to figure out the way he said Hearton correcting me (pronouncing the place as Heart-on). This is our first case of lost in translation. As literally lost (dahil nawala kami). The driver was so kind to bring us to our hotel without charging us extra to the 820 yen already in the meter. Good thing our hotel was a couple of block away from Hilton hotel. We really had a good laugh about Hearton! Love the comedy and opening salvo of this trip which made us smile and laugh. First night and we are off to a good start.

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