Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ang drama ng mga ulap ng umaga. Malayo ang tinatanaw niya. Nagiintay? Nagpapahinga...

This is my second visit to the Island of Camiguin. The first time I visited was circa 2004. At that time, I was not able to visit this wonderful stretch of white sand. This place is called White Island. Actually it is a huge winding sand bar similar to Snake Island in Honda Bay. It is about 5-10 minute boat ride from the shoreline. I was excited to explore this part and was up by 5am. Early morning is the best time to visit with still the soft morning sun to enjoy.

I love the first photo on top with the boy in the red shirt. It was really by chance that I caught him there. Eventually, I learned that he was a fisherman's son and they were resting from the early morning fishing. I have a complete series of them and maybe I will share in future post.

The sea was relatively calm that day. This was taken more than a week before the big storm hit the islands.

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