Thursday, June 09, 2005


I received the letter just now, the one letter that I have been dreading to receive yet need to receive and know the result. When Manong guard of Dordosato handed me the LBC pouch, the first word out my mouth when I saw that it was from UPLB, was "Oh no! its here". I removed the staple then slowly stepped up the stairs, Amats said "you're not opening it here?" Then, I can't wait a moment more and opened the letter. "We are pleased to inform you..." Whoooohooooo! first three words and we broke out in cheers! Thank God! Take one! Yes!

God is so good! His timing is perfect!

Ok ok let me finish the letter:

Dear Ms Flores-Salgado:

We are pleased to inform you that you have successfully passed both the core and major fields of the Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management (MENRM)Program written comprehensive examination administered on 06-07 May 2005. You may now register for ENRM 290 Special Problem course.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Cerenilla A. Cruz
Chair, MENRM Comprehensive Examination Committee

Paz H. Diaz

Cc: Dr. Melinda dP Bandalaria
University Registrar

4 years passed, 33 units taken, 3 units to take again, 5 core subjects and 5 major subjects, all in distance learning. 3 opportunities passed, one take.

All in His perfect timing.
God is good. And indeed He is.


Honey Oliveros said...

Congratulations my sistah Day!!!! Am so very happy for you and so very proud as well - God is so very very GOOD indeed, praise Him for this success! Love you, let's do the dance of joy!

Daisy said...

Thank you very much Honey for all your prayers too. Answered prayers indeed.

lex said...

congrats day! nakaraos na rin! galing! galing!

Anonymous said...

Galeng ni God! Galeng ni Day!!! mwah mwah!!! you deserve it sis!!!

Daisy said...

salamat pie, salamat alejandro :O) almost there...