Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One Day

We were dancing to "One Day" last years Lingkod QT's 4th year anniversary. Posted by Hello

One Day
Written by: Reuben Morgan

More than I could hope or dream of
You have poured Your favour on me
One day in the house of God is
Better than a thousand places in the world

So blessed I can't contain it
So much you've got to give it away
Your love is all for me to live now
You are more than enough for me

Lord You're more than enough for me x4
Lord You're more than enough for me x4

* Hillsongs Australia, 1999
* Integrity's Hosanna! Music

Happy 5th Anniversary Lingkod QTs


Ella said...

One Day! Thanks for posting this Day. I play this during morning prayers and sometimes I can't stop dancing. Karreen's moves are truly... moving! I'll give ur tickets at the E-Night ha.

Daisy said...

Hi Ella! thank you! thank you! see you at the E-night later tonight. You are right, Karreen's moves are danceable and uniquely her's kaya nga ba ang sarap magsayaw. sayawan na mamya :O)