Friday, June 24, 2005

Travel now

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.--St. Augustine

I have always loved traveling. I love to travel. I guess this two statements is enough until I came across to what St. Augustine said. And as for reading, since I was a child I think reading is such luxury. In the light of this passage, I realized that both are really related: travelling and reading. The two things I love doing. Pondering more about these two, it both leads one to learning. haven't you realized that those people who are well travelled and well read are some of the most interesting people to talk to? Tales of places they've seen, unique cultures they've been immersed in and food they've tasted are just some of the things which makes them carry a good conversation. It is sad though that sometimes we pass up the opportunity to travel. Ah I have work, I can't leave right now, I have to do this and that first--until the oppotune moment has passed us by. Well, somethings still do inhibit one to travel, financial more often than time. But I think if we just put it in the things we must do, God and the universe will help us any which way.

I guess today I've just been bitten by wanderlust.


darleth said...

Hi, sis!
It's just great to know that you are one of the people in this planet who share similar passions with me...travelling & reading!They are really related. Bata pa ako, I found reading as a way of journeying to different places din. As I read, I feel transported not only in other lands but also across eras,meeting different people! Every book, just like every trip, is an adventure. St. Augustine said his piece as well, and I definitely agree with you both.

God surely knows the desires of our hearts, so that He never wastes any opportunity to lavish us with His love thru them. Especially if it is for our best interests, He will not hesitate to conspire with the universe.We are privileged daughters indeeed!

bloggerly yours,
darlethy ;p

Daisy said...

HI Darleth,

Thanks for dropping by! True, true it is indeed great to travel and read. that reading is our portal to other points of destination and of course adventures!

Syempre nothing beats swimming in the warm tropical waters of the Phil.

Tara na biyahe tayo!