Thursday, June 23, 2005

Blessed morn

I woke up I think at dawn. Earlier, I thought it was the middle of the night when I had a drink of water, my throat always feels dry and it was really warm even thought it rained. My eyes were still asleep, squinting from the lights that were left open by my husband. I closed these and went back to sleep--er well to bed and I realized I cannot go back to sleep. I was slowly being filled with random thoughts of anxiety, I saw my husband there and I murmured a prayer for protection and health. Then a variety of restless emotions (sigh) and I realized, I can't go back to sleep, after what seemed to be a few minutes, I saw that there was light outside and I rose up again to see if I wasn't able to turn off the lights at the porch at the back. To my surprise, its early morning.

This is how I find myself here now writing away. I feel blessed rising early. Actually it felt good to smell the morning air and the sun just rose up too. I heard some bird chirping and felt a bit relived. And now I have more time for my reflections.

I visited sacred space, and this passage presented itself to me:
You tell me, Lord, that there is no need to be afraid. What do I fear? Sickness and death in those I love, the anger and hate of powerful people, or a catastrophe like a tsunami. You tell me that every hair on my head is numbered, that your Providence sustains me. You are urging me not to waste my energy on anxieties I can do nothing about.

It is amazing how God makes His presence felt and how He personally know what to say at each moment that I seek Him. Well I guess it is the other way around, He does more of the seeking rather than I.

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