Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I read another email today, I do not usually read spam or forwarded mails but email I personal know who sent, I browse and then, if it is relevant for the time being and worth to be read then, I read it. This is not really a disclaimer, it just came to mind the Chinese quote "when the student is ready, the teacher arrives" I remember this particular passage I read in one of the books of Fulghum.

I think the universe has been sending me messages in a variety of ways to cope with my "grumpiness" as some of my loved ones would put it. Indeed I am well aware of my weakness and learning to cope with it is crucial to my survival.

Why 90/10? when I read Karen's email today, about us not having control in the 10% of what happens to our lives, we in turn have 90% control over our lives--this is our reactions to the things around us.

I am amazed that teachings come to me in various forms and modes that indeed there must be some truth to that saying.

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