Monday, June 20, 2005

this moment

Measured in love. During our wedding, we specifically requested that Rent's Seasons of Love be sung and played. Hopefully all the things that we do in life will be measured in love. This thought passed through my mind as I read Matthew 7:1-5 today's Gospel.

One of the things that I have been trying to learn is to let God drive my live. When you are in the passenger seat you are not in control and even if you know the general direction He brings you to places that you never thought that you would actually pass by. It is as if just enjoying the ride and not be a backseat driver.

To be truly present and enjoy the moment, where His grace can truly be manifested is to be able to appreciate the moment. Not the future or what has happened. Yesterday what happened at that time is past and what will happen later or tommorrow is future. I believe that His great power is manisfested in our lives when we let things simply be. Just enough light for me to take the next step. Maybe that is why He literally made me near-sighted hehehe.

Peace and joy can be experienced wherever one is. Best enjoyed when one is truly present in that moment.

Emmanuel means "God with us".


Marlon said...

na-LSS tuloy ako dun sa seasons of love :D

Daisy said...

Hi Marlon thanks for dropping by. Galing ng anniv blog :O)