Saturday, June 04, 2005


Treasures is what one will find in these second hand stores--Ukay ukay is how we call them it is actually the action when you go through heaps of second hand clothes, export over runs, brand new ones that did not pass quality control because the button was not in its place, some think its "dead people's clothes" that is how Dada calls them before she went to Yale.

Were planning to travel in the coming months and we need new gear. Actually, I lost a micro fleece during my trip to Mindanao which spurred this recent trip to the UKay shop. Rainy days are here and it is timely that we update our rain gear.

We got 10 pcs mostly fleece and shell the cheapest we got was 40 pesos and the most expensive about 160 pesos. All in all the treasure we found cost an average of 79 pesos each only. And these are rare find indeed. First we found a Timberland, lime green sports fleece then I got an orange fleece Nike mountain wear for ladies just my size, then a gray micro fleece for ladies, a gray shell--a complete attire for any mountain in the country. And thats not all, this gray shell Baleno Ladies exactly my size just weigh a few ounces and can fit my sling on bag for everyday rainy day wear.

Since its school opening we also got Julius- my nephew a new convertible jacket and Jinky a pink jacket. Amats also got Baleno and Champion fleece. Another guy we saw got TNF wind breakers and Timberland shell--in Amats size. Well thats the down side you have to be real quick to search and find the good ones.

The people selling these do not know the value of the gear they are selling. Past months we've been looking around at Outdoor shops, Columbia, Nike Women, and the prices enough to buy round trip tickets around Asia.

As I wrote about it in Lakay e-groups, Cubao now is the place to be.


Anonymous said...

hi day! where exactly in cubao?

Daisy said...

Hi Pie,

It is the Ukay shops around St. Joseph.

God bless all your wedding prep.