Thursday, June 02, 2005

Salamat Imee

Yesterday, we planned to visit baby Jane who is almost 6 months old and she has some new talents to show her Tita Day and Ninong Tito Amats. After a long day at the bank, Central office of the SS and Philhealth. We went our way to San Francisco (del Monte) Quezon City.

At Pantranco area, I scouted a place where I can buy pasalubong for my baby niece. Then my attention was caught, I saw two babies crawling and their mother sitting on the side. I remembered Imee Sioco and how she responded before on a similar situation. Now, thinking about it, it was what Imee shared in the e-groups that has urged me to respond to this occasion. 7-11 is just there, I went in and bought some monggo bread and jungle juice. I bought the pasalubong for my family also. On the side walk, I gave the bread and juice to the mother. I saw the surprise in her eyes. I was not able to talk to her for I was also looking for Amats at this time. I was really tempted to talk to her and ask if she knows about He Cares. But the sky is overcast and the clouds dark and almost rush hour. Maybe next time.

Today as I read the meditations of the Word Among Us, a reminder of our call to love. And I thank God that He gives us the opportunity almost anywhere we are, the opportunity to express this love.

Salamat Imee for your inspiration.

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