Friday, July 25, 2008

water taxi

Here are my friends from Vanuatu from L to R: Kalo, Chris and Zaidy. We went for a ride on the water taxi with Toni. We only did the outbound route and didnt have time to see the inbound route.

It was mind blowing how much these mansions and boats cost as narrated by the tour guide. We saw the Miami Vice house, Tarzan's house, Cher and Lucille Ball's mansions and other boats seen on movies. Instead of cars in their garage each mansion have boat parked outside their homes.


Ashley Kay said...

Cool pics. It seems like a really nice day. I sometimes don't get over the fact that it's Friday in some places (it's Thursday morning here in L.A.)

Ashley Kay

Daisy said...

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for visiting

These pics were taken about 2 weeks ago. Just got back from the US and my bio-clock is still hay wire!

jet lag because of the time difference