Friday, July 25, 2008

exploring the canals

Ft. Lauderdale canals. I took this photo on top of Pier 66.

The top photo was taken at the top floor of the Pier 66 tower. You can see the convention center just behind the draw bridge with the shiny windows. I was really excited to take a picture of the bridge with the roads up in an angle.


The Furies - Minerva said...

Hi Day! Its me, one of the four people you had dinner with in Union Square. I saw your link from the last email you sent when you were still in Seattle. Nice pics! Glad you had a good time in Florida. Hope you had a good time in NY too. Too bad we didn't have another chance to meet up but maybe next time. Keep in touch!

Daisy said...

Hi S-----!

I hope I am correct that this is you! there are only 4 other people i was with that evening in NYC at the Vietnamese resto. And 2 of them I met again the next day. And you are one of only 2 people I sent an email from Seattle!

Is this your blog? i will try to visit your blog.

see you again soon!