Saturday, July 29, 2006

Answered Prayer

One of my greatest fear in life is to be put "under the knife" and be in a hospital. During the months of my pregnancy, due to a possible complication and a condition that I have, we were primed by our ob-gyn that there is a great possibility that I will undergo a c-section.

We eventually did not take the Lamaze class that we planned because of the high chance of having a cs. All those months, I kept praying still asking God to please let me have a normal delivery. We also asked friends and family to please pray for us.

All those months,I kept blocking the thought of going through the whole ordeal of giving birth because of the possible cs. While other pregnant women (I guess these are veteran moms) cannot wait get it over with, I kept thinking please not yet (and other forms of useless anxiety). The time came 4 days after my EDD (expected date of delivery).

Indeed it was an answered prayer. I had a normal delivery. I want to remember this answered prayer by blogging about it. Also to thank all those who prayed for us and to really thank and praise God for it.

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