Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Prayer for our little one

Our Isay is 5 weeks old. Isay turned one month July 21st. She is well on her way to her second month. It seems that time passes quickly and yet slowly. The daily routine seems slow and yet the days fly by as we go about learning the way of life of being parents. I believe beaing a parent is a lifetime adventure of learning. It is a great challenge and at times, a bit overwhelming at times. Tonight, I realized our need for constant affirmation and prayers indeed to be able to do this task that we are given--caring for our little one's soul and all her human needs.

I am qouting from the book that has kept me company through these nine months. Here is a few verse of affirmation from Blessed Expectations by Judy Ford.

May our little one be blessed with love, health and spirit. May we parents, be blessed with wisdom, strength and generosity of soul. As we get to know each other and settle in, bless our family with gentle words and loving smiles.

We welcome you into our hearts today. We love you. We love you, little one. We welcome you in our hearts today. We welcome you home.

This is our family. We come together to help each other, to laugh and to grow. Thank you for each unique member...
We are a beautiful bunch

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