Friday, May 18, 2007

essencia de las flores

received one of the sweetest gifts. A bottle of honey. Tatay wrote in the orange ribbon essencia de las flores. I saw in the breakfast table my old dusty Spanish dictionary. He said he need to translate something.

When I first saw the gift, I really thought that it was a bottle of wine. I wasn't really excited because I really do not drink a lot of wine, well unless it was Asti. It was one big huge long neck bottle of honey. I guess we will be enjoying lots of pancakes, honey with tea, pandesal with honey and a lot more.

There is this way of testing of the honey is pure. A friend said that you need to dip a small toothpick into the honey then light a match stick and try to light the stick with honey if it catches a flame, then it is pure. If not, maybe there is some water added. I haven't tested this batch of honey yet. Maybe in a future post.


Sidney said...

A nice gift !
Pure honey is very healthy!

Daisy said...

Hi Sidney,

Thanks! indeed it is very healthy before the VCO craze came around, my dad takes in 2Tbsp a day :)