Monday, May 21, 2007

Garden Wedding

A warm Saturday afternoon, May 12th, amidst the serene Bonsai Garden in UP, our dear friend Carlo exchanged vows with Lea. It was our first time to attend a garden wedding. They held the solemn ceremony under that big ancient tree lined with ferns. It was a sweet and unique ceremony because the bridal march was sung by the groom and just at the handing of the bride they gave gifts to their parents and then they both sung another song. This is even before the pastor said a word. We were serenaded by Carlo and Lea themselves even before they exchanged vows, thanking everyone there for sharing this moment and for the love they overflowingly continues to receive.

Lovely is one of the many flower girls dressed up as butterflies. I was using a manual Nikon FM 10, without a flash that is why during dusk I wasn't able to get more pictures. I got used to a digital camera, I realized that indeed it takes a lot of skill, patience and good instincts to handle a manual camera. The second to the last picture is Carlo pretending to be having the jitters while Tatay and baby Isay acting with him (haha).

More pictures from the wedding including the couple after the ceremony at my friend's blog Postcards from Nowhere.


Senor Enrique said...

Ahh ... what abeautiful setting for a wedding. Lovely! I'm sure everyone had a wonderful and memorable time :)

Sidney said...

A perfect place for a dream wedding !