Monday, May 28, 2007

pansit kahapon


Sidney said...

Looks like fun !

miranila said...

That was a fun Sunday - Mga Nakaw na Sandali sa Piling ni Pansit :)

Para ko naman shang inaaway sa pangalawang picture. And once again naalala ko naman yung nangyari ke Cel a second after you took that escalator pic hee!

Daisy said...

Hi Sidney,

Indeed it was fun spending time with friends who are now residing in another country.


Daisy said...

Hi Earnest :)

Yup that was one of the reasons I posted this picture :) super funny yung nangyari one for Bitoy's funniest--if only we have a video at that time :)

It was good to spend time with Suzette pansit :)

hindi naman mukhang nagtatanong ka lang :)